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  • Well yeah, I know Xen. He's a very missed member of the Feline Club D=

    I wish you luck with that. I don't have anyone like that, so I can't say I know how you feel. And school started a long time ago for me DX
    You're back?!?!?!?!?!!?! *hugs*

    Dunno if you remember me (I doubt it, I'm easy to forget =3). Hope you do though! *coughFelineClubcough*
    tja... mijn ouders en pokemon events is niet goed>.>
    mocht niet naar het event... heb alles gemist;-;
    Weeeee! Treecko is the best Pokemon...same goes for Grovyle and Sceptile<3
    *talk to herself<3*
    I haven't the slightest idea who you are. What is your MySpace name? You probably haven't seen me around because I stopped coming to the forums a few months after I joined. Then I came back this summer due to boredom. Since my (triumphant) return I've kept my posts almost exclusively in the face-offs section.
    I'm sorry.
    As long as you both have love in your hearts! You will always be together!!
    Sorry... That was crap... Sorry...
    Maile!!! what are you talking about?!? You are NOT stupid OR ugly and you know thats true because I dont lie to you EVER!!! and about the comment on my profile page.. I dunno why I am popular... but if I were to choose I would only have you on my friends list <3 and I would want that forever!!! and I dunno, half the people on my friends list came from the feline club and the others from the chaos league.... I guess people feel sorry for me <_<.... well you know I love you and thats whats important, and anyone visiting this page can know it! I LOVE YOU MAILE!!!
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