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  • Hey don't worry about my last message :) raichu doesn't hate me, and i'm calming down now.

    Well, okay, the soul snatcher thing is still a real fear of mine, though :(
    I'm not sure what to think. I...uhhh...wanted a z version >.<;; reasons like korrina being a champion

    Yeah, like i needed further proof that the soul snatchers are after my soul...

    I don't want to think...today is the fall of the awesome year of 2017 :(

    I think it would kill my ever believing in the good ever again.

    I wish I had some chocolate so much right now.
    Heeey its been awhile :3

    I may go back to bed. Its early, i was up late, and now my head hurts AND i think raichu27 maybe hate's me. Like I needed that sh**...
    Luckily if you wanna do sun and moon my team isn't that strong, either. It has fully evolved pokemon but i haven't tested it out AT ALL yet. So theres a good chance we'll be evenly matched :) I'm good! i'm watching tv with my bro in about an hour and having chocolate sometime soon. i may wanna eat the veggies my mom made me too i'm pretty hungry
    That sounds fun :D Sure. You FC?

    Also i hope i'm fairy too. Or fighting :p fighting would be funny with my crush on korrina lol
    Well, i play y version everyday for the battle chatou xD May start playing some other games soon too :3 i just need to get over my hyperness right now o.o

    Also, chocolate...calm's me. I'm not dreading tomarrow due to it. I dreaded tuesaday A LOT last week: Now i'm like 'anything that goes is fine'. And what did i do different this week? I ate...chocolate. A lot of chocolate. Like 1-2 chocolate nutrition bars a day :D
    Yeah i feel i have a beautiful post that will make people cry tears of joy for the LGBT club i just gotta figure out how to word it...
    The club wasn't accepted by the staff yet -_- thus, not so good...yet. lol...

    Umn i haven't used lucario so much yet since its not like my crush on korrina is over a month old yet xD
    Ah cool. I still got a few weeks until finals ^^
    Yeah, though I've already seen up to SM 6 in the dub already and I watch online since I don't have cable ^^
    I don't know if it got accepted yet o_O

    I watch the eps online now lol tho i watched the marathon on disney XD too :)

    I had kinda a hard day today and thought i couldn't love korrina as much it was weird but i'm okay now
    No problem! There's a lot to learn so I totally get it. @w@ I didn't end up checking but maybe still! I don't mind either way, the notion is nice enough~
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