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  • Sorry for the wait, my DS is acting up. @w@ I'll be back on in just a sec!
    Oh cool! I'm not sure I have Ocean yet but I'll check.
    HA, I hadn't asked in the beginning cuz I didn't want to make rude assumptions, but I totally get it! @w@ I'll be right back with your clone!
    haha it's alright, Friend Plaza is a terrible platform so it's weird to work with. I saw you registered my FC so there's no problem there.
    You connected to WiFi right? FP doesn't automatically do that so you need to click the WiFi symbol to connect.
    Haha, that tends to be the case. Not a lot of people still put their FCs in their profiles so it's a bit tricky.
    Got a quick Kahuna battle to finish, then I'll hop on!
    That's cuz I'm not online yet haha. I was waiting for you to have my FC registered. I'll be on in a sec!
    Sorry, I ended up making dinner so I disappeared for a bit. @w@ Cool! My FC is in my profile, and my IGN is also Road. I'll add you and hop on, feel free to request me when you see me!
    Hello there! Just letting you know I am around and will be ready to trade in half an hour (the schedule time of 8 PM for me), but can do anytime before too if you happen along!
    8 PM my Mon (probably morning your Mon) yes? Sounds good to me! I'll jot it down.
    Yeah, it was a good episode. It was kinda darker than a lot of the other eps. Also, i love what happens at the end xD And wakia is really hot. and sassy. Who do you like in the show? :) I think my favorite character is still shu, i love how calm he is, but i think wakia is attractive looking x3
    Yes, unfortunately I had an event I completely forgot about so I was not able to be here. Sorry about that. @@ I could do tomorrow evening (I work during the day but should be back and available anywhere from 5 PM my time onward), or my Mon any time between 10 AM to 10 PM. Let me know!
    Yeah <3 She's hot when she's being feminine, if any girl is X3 i wish i could just pull her out of the screen. and snuggle her all day long :'3

    I may have to wake my brother up today o_O he's sleeping kinda late. And i don't wanna miss any beyblade burst episodes...
    Also, i think i got up too early today XD was feeling mega tired and stuff yesterday...lol
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