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  • I just thought of something. Instead of zapdos...Skill swap Azelf and Discharge Electivire. I was thinking about putting in vapo if i encounter an asploder. Idk what else I should put on my team. Maybe gengar or weavile.
    Oh, I'm rather smart enough to know that choice band items are far too dangerous for doubles. so I wasn't clear in making a few deviations from smogon sets. I put life orb on weavile and a Shell bell on Azelf. Do you have any instant messengers?
    Ok how about this. Zapdos(discharge of course and Physical Electivire lead. If electivire faints, revenge killing weavile comes in along with azelf. If zapdos faints, I can send in Nasty Plot Azelf. Now that's what I call synergy.
    Ugh. I know what you mean about doubles on shoddy=dividing by zero. It's hard to find doubles opponents. I've read that guide a little bit and I'm already starting to work on my strategy. I was thinking like a rotom/vire discharge combo.
    Ugh. I just can't believe it. When I finally get my DS back, I've been working my *** off because of my ambitions to go to nationals. I was starting to get the hang of competitive battling crap (after staying stuck on a game boy for about 7 years) for singles when all of a sudden....they switch to doubles. I'm completely ****** now because all my work has been for vain. Ugh. That's why I have a vendetta against doubles.

    Oh and thanks for the add
    It's easy to make a team for singles. But that's not what a singles team Is about. The challenge is whether you can manage it, take a chance, or be sneaky. Doubles team are ugh. I send out a gyrados and an electivire, Chances are that one of the other team members is going to get hurt badly. and at an easy rate I might add.
    So I guess you are into double battles. Luckily you have me here
    Hi, I'm Markell, The guy you met at the showdown the other day, I can give my email if you would like to communicate outside of serebii
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