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  • Yeah, I figured as much, but I would think minoring in English while majoring in other areas may be more beneficial and open up more career opportunities. (Plus, I also tend to connect some of those in English with lit. undergrads, who strike me as insufferable -- which is not to say you are included in that group at all.)

    I actually initially went with anthropology, though I'll need to let them know I'm switching. Not a big deal, considering that they're both in the social sciences. My interest in the subject was deepened even further when I found out that OSU has one of the best political science departments around.
    S'okay, as only two, three people on this forum would recognize a lot of the artists and albums. Sort of trying to spread my propaganda in the metalhead's thread -- there's one on there who is sort-of-but-not-really-though-kind-of similar in some music interest as me, and two others who regularly check out what I recommend.

    The last two Talk Talk are worth listening to, with Laughing Stock being one of the best albums ever made. Considering what you said, I think you'd like them. You should definitely correct your Radiohead collection, as Pablo Honey is their worst album.
    I've also decided to not major in English or anything like that, even though my dream is to become a novelist. Been told it doesn't leave a lot of career options, per se. How hard (or easy, perhaps) do you find it to be?

    I'd rather get in journalism or rhetoric, along with political science, and carry that over into writing.
    An English major shouldn't make that kind of hasty mistake!

    But seriously, I sort of toy around with the idea of majoring in music, though I'm likely to go with political sciences. As for what kind of music I listen to... damn, uh, too much to cover. This post covers my favorite artists and albums. I don't have any sort of genre preference... I listen to sludge metal, progressive rock (the good kind, not the wanking ****), hardcore and jazz rap, avant-garde jazz, emo (bands like Gospel and Off Minor, not pop-punk like My Chemical Romance) and screamo, drone metal, doom metal, glitch, hardcore punk, noise rock, (modern) classical, ambient, indie rock, folk, death metal, pop (rock), post-punk, American primitivism, instrumental hip hop, industrial, grindcore... stuff like that.
    yeah gonna go crazy on music if I get a lot of scholarship money. hell just have to win a small one and i'm set for my freshmen year at least; anything after that basically grants me commercial expenses. **** yeah

    Having your time occupied is great, too. What classes are you taking?
    wow a blast from the past

    Things are going good. Have to apply and win just a few few scholarships, and it's practically a free ride for me. Gonna be a busy late spring and early summer, definitely.

    How about you?
    Motoko is from the Ghost in the Shell franchise (in this instance I was referring to Standalone Complex) and Faye is from Cowboy Bebop.

    Definitely look into Haibane Renmei. It's vying with FLCL as my second favorite anime series.
    And, in the case of anime tropes, whenever you have a remotely strong female character, she turns impassive and defers to the male lead towards the end.

    Makes me appreciate the rare Motokos and Fayes in anime. Hell, even the Asukas (she just *****es throughout the whole story!).

    What anime really needs is more Rekis (one of two leads from Haibane Renmei), though. No sexualization, strong personality and while there is/has been a love interest, it's ultimately minimal in their current character struggle.
    I wonder why it is that the supporting characters tend to have more personality... Maybe they're not as easy to work with, or something. I think some of it may have to do with the fact that a lot of supporting characters offer comic relief, and the main characters are supposed to be taken more seriously... or something. I especially hate it when people rave about a character being strong or great, and when I read the manga, she's stereotypical. People are too easy to please.
    Oh, really? I don't pick out manga with good supporting characters on purpose, but sometimes I like those characters much better. Like Fushigi Yugi. Miaka and Tamahome were so boring, but Nuriko was amazing. Also, Tsubasa. Syaoran and Sakura are so flat in that manga, but I love Fai and Kurogane. Of my favorites... I guess Love Com has the best supporting characters. Some of the romantic rivals in that are hilarious, but they have their serious moments, too. Seiko-chan is especially awesome.
    This is based purely on hearsay and my own speculation/talking out of my ***, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

    There's a sort of idol worship among Japanese female students for those that are seemingly self-sufficient -- largely they'll be the athletic and dominant type or the gussied glamor-girl that serves as the leader. Whether they are in cliques or by themselves, they tend to be a target of adoration and/or respect, serving as role models for being independent figures (perhaps in a traditionally subservient society? Maybe my own bias is seeping through with that thought...).

    Or maybe they're all closet lesbians. I dunno.
    I agree. What are your favorite series for good characters? Mine are "Skip Beat!," "Love Com," and "Honey and Clover" (by the way, did you ever start that series?). Of course, I'm sure you've heard me mention those before. I also like some of the characters in "Good Witch of the West." Firiel starts out like a typical, selfless heroine, but she gets much better as the series progresses. And Adale is good, too...
    I know what you mean. Thanks! You, too. You like manga with good characters, right? That's the most important thing for me when I read a series.
    Been a mod for a little over a month now, now that I think about it... Time really flies. Good to see you're back and about.
    Hey, I hope you don't mind that I friended you. I run into you a lot on the manga forum, and we seem to have similar tastes...
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