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  • Dear person receiving this letter:

    Whatever you did to contribute to my experience these past five years, whether it was the Pokemon we traded, the amazing artwork you did for me, the jokes we came up with, the silly debates, or anything else, I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to be what I am today! To celebrate my five years of existence on SPPf, today I decided to do a throwback thing to my early days back in 2011. My avatar, signature, and everything else is a complete replica of what I was five years ago: An eater of Durant! You and about everyone gave me a truly unique experience I'll never forget and I'll return the favor by continuing on what I do best: To be a member of SPPf! Thank you for everything and may we all hope that poutine gets its popularity skyrocketed in the United States!

    Sincerely, Duranteater/your boss/YourPermanentRecord631/Dragalge

    How you been,
    Also what's was your 3ds friend code again because i had to send my to nintendo so they fixed the hardware issues but i end up getting a new one but here my new 3ds friend code, 1907-9257-7313
    I missed your birthday. I haven't been active on the forums but now I'm back I guess. Well happy belated birthday!
    Yep i did but blue not my favorite color i like its pink more :)
    And true i wonder if the eeveevolution will get mega evolution as well,
    btw what's do you think of pokemon the origin, i think its about think that's red got to be a star of a anime sense he was the first main characters its was long over do its got a anime of some kind at least,
    I like the new Pokemon that were reveled , but I don't like the 'Mega' Pokemon. I think all the MegaPokes look fine (except for MegaAbosl), but I don't like the fact they all have Mega in their name, they could've just been a normal evolution without introducing a flamboyant and unnecessary type of Pokemon.
    Some people actually have atempted me harm about girly things before. So i'm always on the defencive...its pretty horrable, really.

    I don't mind Taylor Swift. :3 But....I actually think i like miley cyrus better o-o; maybe....her songs were like. catchy, imo....o_o;; so much sass XD
    lol, yep, give's me hell quite daily yet at the same time....i'm......proud to be an aspie, at least, for my own aspie reasons I rather not get into.

    What are some of your other interests? *curious* I.....kinda like lolita fashion and dress up games a bit but please don't make me feel bad about that T~T Or say only bad people like those things or even mension bad people in genneral liking them or bad people in genneral....
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