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  • I noticed you were active towards the beginning of the month. Are you still active around here? It's been a while, I must say.
    I actually made a video tutorial for tech banner making. Its kinda lame and I had a cough, but it informs people just fine. And while the picture quality is poor, the video was 500 Mb anyways...
    How to Make a Tech Banner
    Thanks for the tips. Sorry for the late reply. I'll be adding more stuff soon. And please send me some "edited" apricorns please!

    Please visit again! (I sound like a shop, don't I???)
    You know, I never thought I was really that good actually. But all these people keep saying I am...
    Also, all I did to get where i am, is tenacity. I try something myself, and if I cant do it, I look for help. That's how I learned to do Tech Banners, and Chaos.
    I stick a tech ring on the left with 25% opacity, a smaller one in the center also with 25% opacity, a tech screen covering the whole thing at 25% opacity, and some random tech-y looking things with 25% opacity as well(all with color #acacac). then, puts scratches and worn out looking brushes on the top over the whole thing. then open the other picture they give you, rid the background, and scratch it with brushes and worn-out brushes(black) at 25% opacity. Copy the result. paste it over it. take the bottom one and enlarge it a little and set it to 25% opacity. take that image and put it on the tech banner. the words go on the left with the same treatment as the picture, except no copy and pasting another onto it or any enlarging stuff. and the opacity on the worn out and scratch brushes are at 50%.
    which backgrounds?
    Texture banners I get off the internet, tech banners I make myself with lots of photoshop brushes.
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