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  • I really love the Pokemon series, but I tend to enjoy some other RPGs a little bit more. Have you ever heard of Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii?
    That's likely my second favourite game of all time.
    Not to mention the Fire Emblem series...
    I can not agree... or even disagree. There is no proof that there is a god, but there is no proof that there isn't a god. That's how I think of it as.

    What video games do you like? Do you like The Legend of Zelda?
    Why hello! You asked who am I. I wonder whether this is simply a question of who I am or a question of what makes me who I am.
    I see myself as a person of science, philosophy and one who seeks to understand our past as a species in this infinite universe.

    I also love movies, video games, reading, and using my imagination to create stories which I never seem to take time to write down on paper.

    I have a great love for music. Not rock, pop, or any other type of music most people listen to. Film scores and video game music are what I love, as they seem to tell a story without a word or picture.

    I enjoy making people happy. If that means being someone's friend, then I will be their friend.

    I have one question: who are you?
    Erm. Who am I. That's actually... a surprisingly difficult question.
    I'm a reader, a writer, and a gamer. I'm a lover of words, I'm more than a little bit odd, I laugh without any reason to, and I'm easily entranced by someone's eyes.

    But if you meant in more of the sense of "I've never seen you before and why are you posting on my page," I replied to your "Hello" thread. Does that make instant friends? Nah. But that's also part of who I am, I suppose.
    Just who are you?
    Hello there welcome to the forums. :)

    I like Lord of the Rings to. :p

    Also if you don't know how to respond then click on view conversation, type in your sentences in the black box and click post message.
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