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  • Oh yeah, I know I already aswered you question about the 6th poke on your team, the bulky water one, but I just remembered something esential in your question: rain counter and super effective move against psychics, I edited the post so please checl it out again
    I don't know of any tutorial or special programs for this. I use good old mspaint xD
    To make maps like the ingame ones, you need to look at those and learn what they're made off, well that's how I did it.
    Hey, if you're still into the reviewing business, could you review the latest chap of PLX?

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!
    Hey, could you review the last chap of my fic? Your reviewers' thread post says you're currently free and you reviewed some chaps before so I hope yo're willing to do so again. Thanks prematurely,


    P.S. The link is in my sig
    We are all odd in our own ways. 8D

    He did. He lost some weight, though I fear for his health now that he's eating all of our messages...
    That is an odd ability.

    I agree, especially when it eats your messages. (Yet another inside joke, considering Serebii used to be fat XD)
    You are (Not) Alone.

    I need a combination of both, though. Heard it, pretty awesome.

    Quite so, it's not as big of a problem as it used to be, though.
    Actually, I'm the center of several inside jokes. <8D

    Eh, it's too pop-rockish for my taste. It doesn't sound pop enough for me to like it, and it doesn't sound rock enough for me to like it. If that makes any sense.

    Oh, alright. We all get lagged from time to time. Some more than others. *hints to self*
    I see, that happens with me from time to time. For example, the name "Ninjabait" is a gigantic inside joke.

    It's alright, I guess. Not that good though.
    That was a horrible joke. It wouldn't be as bad if it meant the opposite of definitely, but that was just awful.

    Know that's right.

    Not really, we were talking about how journalism has always sucked, and I meant that it sucked so much that it will never be good, and you said that was unfathomable. Which really made no sense.

    When was journalism ever good? =/ Although I'm a bit shocked that a regional newspaper reported that, especially since it's not 1930s America. >.>
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