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  • Meadow was a European only pattern.
    I only had 2 of the European only patterns.
    I don't remember which 2.

    If I have a game set for Meadow the Sassy nature heal ball won't be a problem as soon as I figure out what game that is.

    If I don't it will be whoever I have in boxes.
    thank you for the reply. its not a big rush but its a pet project ive had an idea for quite some time. i used to have a meadow pattern vivillon in my pkmn X safari but lost its a year or so ago doing an FC clean up. i didnt think much of it at the time until recently in gen7.

    there are some other things id like on it if possible ie sassy nature, however the heal ball and pattern are the 2 most important, im trying to match the vivillon to my UM character's appearance.
    hows it going LLR? i have a question about your vivilon collection. would you happen to have a meadow pattern in a heal ball? im looking for a matching ball to the meadow pattern.
    wow thats alot of games 0_0 I need alot of the patterns besides polar,river and modern ;) I really do want them shiny with 5iv with good natures but thats pushing it atm XD I am a comp player so you must understand my pain XD I see that is a fine collection there you must really love vivillion ^_^
    you offered the native one so I thought that was the only one you have XD Is that your pattern in game? I have polar as my region pattern so I have some 2 to 4 iv in my y version I think or bank. I can't remember since I got alot of mass space of breed rejects 0_0
    Didn't see that, but trade went through without a hitch. Thanks for everything. Please take care of lil, 'Hanks or if know someone who'd want him pass him on :)
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