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  • We will be using ORAS seeing as some of the Mystic Mega are in the game.
    LLR you have to on smogon and go to Strategy Pokedex click on it and click on the X/Y link from there you will see a list of pokemon ranging from a to z. Click on the Gameboy looking icon in the blue bar scroll down until you see the tier you are looking for.
    [LLR you may signing up for the tournament I have extended it in light of our new club wanting to join in it]
    Yeah I remember my shiny Murkrow I give it to you but I dont remember the OT name I use to use other names for settling on Wego.
    Have you tried going back to the sign up and seeing if that would fix it or you could look it up on google.
    I actually don't know I think you have to wait until the event is over.
    Yeah go right ahead and pick :) its always me doing I find it boring.
    [You mind posting the Mystic of the Week also are you going to be taking part in the tournament]
    ahh gosh this is so late, sorry ;-;
    just give me a minute and I'll switch over to Y, where my butterflies are
    I'll register you right now, and if you're still available now would be a good time :-]
    If not, I'll still be available for the next six hours or so.
    hi LLR, is everything ok? I haven't gotten a response in a few days so I hope nothing bad's happened :-/
    (If this seems like I'm rushing you or anything, that's not my intention. I just wanted to check up on you, and possibly get a status report :-] )
    Alright, I'll get the clones ready then, though if you ever decide you don't want them I have Modern Scatterbugs I can trade you instead :-]
    I caught them all just now in Santalune Forest so they're not cloned.
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