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  • Aw, thank you. You so niccceee. Flattery will get you nowhere. I'm still reporting you. (-_-) That's what I don't like, Jigglypuff's been there since the start, but I guess popularity might give her the boot. Hopefully they change it. I would have loved if they kept Roy, I loved using him in Melee, but you're right, the characters look nice. Same here, I have a lot of games I want to buy as well, Pokemon, Naruto, PS4, and Smash Bros, don't know which to buy first. If Mr Saturn was a playable character, how would he fight? LOL

    I'm never forgotten Boy, I'm the memory you just can't erase.
    Oh why would I change? It's so good to be strange. Hopefully that is the case, I have noticed how small the roster is and it's in need of growth. I would prefer if they didn't drop any characters to gain new ones, the 'rule' of having 4 characters per series, excluding Mario seems a bit crazy if you ask me because the decisions. (>.<) Ah, I see, well I guess Ness seems as a good promoter for Earthbound if this character Ninten doesn't have many offensive spells.

    I was noticed long before you had ever realized.
    It really would, and if you didn't have one on your team, I'd report you to the authorities. Though I'd probably report you anyways. :/ You should still try, maybe he doesn't know. LOL Hopefully he will be because their characters in the game is far too small at the moment along with Sonic, though Fire Emblem is doing good at the moment.

    ................. ._. ............ I'm so done. LMAO Too funny.
    Well, I fear for you when you have to face Kyogre. But, it's not that bad. LOL It'll be pretty good training for a Grass/Electric Pokemon that you may have, or should I say Electric, because I know you'll have one on your team? LOL All the hype that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been getting, he's probably heard about it, but tell him just in case if he hasn't heard. :) You know, Lucas and Ness haven't been confirmed, even though we already know there's a high chance for both of them returning, especially Ness?

    Ah, even though I haven't played any of the games before, I think I can understand where you're coming from. Like with Pokemon, fans say the newer series are horrible, but in my humble opinion, they're not. Fans always have something to complain about no matter what changes are made to please them. It's better to just ignore them and enjoy the games like you've been doing. :)

    *Throws a brick* No!
    The Hoenn games are really good. A good number of the fandom doesn't like them because they say it's too much water, but since I love Water Pokemon, I'm loving the water. LOL And that's great, I don't like when people say I shouldn't use Pokemon I like in battles. I've used a Delcatty and Lopunny in online battles and have won before. What did you use? Oh yeah, we only have two Mother characters. It would be nice if we got two more of them.

    -And you're supposed to be a big fan, I'm disappointed in you Boy.

    Goodness gracious, you're becoming what they call a rebellious teenager! D:
    Well, things have just gotten interesting. :) Have you ever played Ruby or Sapphire before? I used to do that during my middle school days, ah the memories and I also did it when X/Y came out. And that's something I dislike about Smash Bros. (>.<) Ah, I see and I never knew you had a Sony game, what do you have? A PS3/PS4/PSP Vita?

    If I were to get into the series, I would have to start from the beginning. I gotten know everything. LOL

    Yeah, we're pretty close. But, we keep things from each other because the other might not need to know. LOL Yeah, I still can't either. .-.
    -Of the two, which will you be getting? Omega Rudy or Alpha Sapphire? I'll be getting both, but my main will be Sapphire since it was my favorite of the two in the past and I have a love for Water Pokemon and Kyogre. Pokemon Z might come out next year in the Spring or Fall, I'm guessing the Fall. Smash Bros is what I'm looking forward to, I can't wait to play as Rosalina, though I wish more characters could be in the games other than just 4 from a series. Like there should be more Sonic characters. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy/Shadow/Eggman. But, it looks like Shadow's an Assist Trophy once again. And I haven't seen a Persona game in stores before. LOL I need to keep a better eye out.
    -If they're difficult, could you try making them with GIMP? Or you could practice on paper. :)

    Ah, so now I understand. I believe Sapphire or Rose was interested in the series. It seems quite nice.

    He'll be alright, I've been calling him that since I was in the 6th grade. LOL As you get older, you start to think that again. Why do people hurt each other? Oh my goodness, I can't believe you would say that. LMAO
    Surprisingly, the only thing you need to RNG abuse is a computer program that tells you what date and time to start your DS on to obtain a certain seed from the RNG and how many times you need to preform a certain action in the game to advance to the RNG to where you want it to be.
    As long as you're having a good time helping out your mom, then I see it would be cool. LOL I think you could sell your limbs in time to get the games. ._.
    -I like your work, especially your GIMP edit. I didn't know you knew how to use it. Cool, I use Photoshop, though I haven't used it in awhile now.

    I've heard a lot of things about Persona. It's an anime? I know it's a game too, I think. .-.

    Nah, the idiot is close to me. About a 8 minutes drive away from my house. I forced him to make an account when I used to be active. But, now his is just taking up dust. LOL
    Soft resetting simply involves rebooting the game if you don't get your desired result, and you're still effectively relying on luck to get what you want. But RNG abuse pretty much removes the luck factor all together.
    RNG abuse involves manipulating the game (without the use of cheating devices) in a way that it gives you pretty much whatever you want.
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