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  • Well from what I know, you're a smart kid, so I think you wouldn't have any trouble finding what you want to do. And after you graduate you can relax for sometime, you don't have to go straight to college. You could get a job if you like. Just don't be like me and take up space. LOL

    Do it. I dare you to. ._.

    Hmmm, I wonder who it could be? When I was offline for a long time, I don't know who she could have been talking to. And that's cool, my best friend has a Serebii account but he never uses it.
    Don't worry, I get like that sometimes as well. It's common for people to think like that. Now I just wish I could take my own advice and start believing it. LOL Thanks and that's common as well, I think a lot of graduates don't know what to do after high school, so as time goes on they start to realize what they should do. It'll come to you in all due time, for now, just enjoy school. And nah, I wasn't bothered that we talked about issues and not mine, my issues actually couldn't have been resolved by talking, rather they could be resolved with time. Time heals all wounds. ;)

    I haven't threatened you in quite some time, I think I should go back to that. (^.-) And you're not the only person who wants to me their internet friends, I'm sure others like Sapphire wanted to do the same, well I think she actually did. :/
    You meant to my other VM? Good Arceus, you poor child. ._.

    I'm okay if you become more active, I only check the site like once or twice a day. I only have 4 friends on my friends list, so I won't be piled with VMs. LOL And that's good, I like that you're getting closer to people and don't think you're lonely, even if you think you are, you're really not because you have friends and family. :) And I've been good, I've graduated, now I'm just taking up space at my house. I need a job. ._. And you were self centered? When did this happen? LOL

    You should like screenshot your conversations that you guys had, or she's probably just being Sapphire and is in character. LOL And I don't really use others, I mean I do use Tumblr a lot now. :/
    Boy, what are you babbling about? Of course I'll read this. LOL

    OMG Electric, you're an awesome friend as well. Why are you acting like you're going off into the sunset and will expect your death when night falls? :p I mean not be as active as I used to be, but I'll leave a VM here and there. ;)

    Oh yeah, I practically deleted everyone like Sapphire off of my friends list, not because I don't like them. It's because they never get on anymore/we hardly talk, but I kept you Little Dude. :p
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