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Last Activity:
May 3, 2014
Jun 22, 2011
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Local was last seen:
May 3, 2014
    1. quiz_master
      i still have your garchomp
    2. Xadvid
      A JPN. Event Jirachi
    3. quiz_master
      won't let me send you anymore messages your box is full
    4. ★Shiny Sylveon★
      ★Shiny Sylveon★
      Hi i cant PM you so I'll just VM you.
      I have a shiny female charizard and would like to trade it for your shiny froakie and shiny hondege.
      PM me for more info.
    5. ShinnyMew
      It's okay :D. And thank you for reminding me. I forget sometimes ;~;
    6. twiztid420
      hey dude, lemme know when u want to trade, and whats the FC i should add?
    7. FILIP22
      She's just someone I met on another forums really, like in April though. lol then I found this place (and I didn't realize I made an account back in 2007 xD), and I have been here ever since.

      Deoxys (Calm) OT SACHA ID:62306
      Deoxys (Modest) ID: 44719

      Well this really sucks and I am sorry. I don't know how to check I just read the description and make sure the location and its info makes sense and I would think it might at least be legit.
    8. FILIP22
      lol well, anyone else you would want from my thread to replace the deoxys? though I can give you it tomorrow cause I have to go now.
    9. FILIP22
      how do you check if they're hacks? lol I know Atome and I think she had the jap game ago and knows how to RNG, but not that good for natures lol.
    10. FILIP22
      k ready ill see u on wifi
    11. FILIP22
      crap srry for delay not too long now
    12. FILIP22
      alright I'm gonna get my DS and I'll vm you when ready :)
    13. FILIP22
      I'm going out about now, but I will post a message to you tomorrow. I will add your FC now though.
    14. FILIP22
      I apologize. The internet here sucks, as I'm living under rent and sharing it with 8 other people. I will try again tomorrow for you. I have them ready though.
    15. FILIP22
      Fine by me :) I will have them for you for tomorrow, much earlier than this time. I have to go now though but I'll let you know when I'm ready :)
    16. FILIP22
      I'll take Pidove, Gothita, Jolly Rayquaza, Adamant Groudon, Modest Tornadus.

      so you can choose 4 legendaries or 3 legendaries and 2 normal shinies :)
    17. FILIP22
      I meant to say, they're UT?
    18. FILIP22
      those legendaries are shiny? woops my bad
    19. FILIP22
      yea im in need of an English UT one, as well as Pidove and Regirock
    20. FILIP22
      I got it from nymnym how about you
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