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  • Hi i cant PM you so I'll just VM you.
    I have a shiny female charizard and would like to trade it for your shiny froakie and shiny hondege.
    PM me for more info.
    She's just someone I met on another forums really, like in April though. lol then I found this place (and I didn't realize I made an account back in 2007 xD), and I have been here ever since.

    Deoxys (Calm) OT SACHA ID:62306
    Deoxys (Modest) ID: 44719

    Well this really sucks and I am sorry. I don't know how to check I just read the description and make sure the location and its info makes sense and I would think it might at least be legit.
    lol well, anyone else you would want from my thread to replace the deoxys? though I can give you it tomorrow cause I have to go now.
    how do you check if they're hacks? lol I know Atome and I think she had the jap game ago and knows how to RNG, but not that good for natures lol.
    I'm going out about now, but I will post a message to you tomorrow. I will add your FC now though.
    I apologize. The internet here sucks, as I'm living under rent and sharing it with 8 other people. I will try again tomorrow for you. I have them ready though.
    Fine by me :) I will have them for you for tomorrow, much earlier than this time. I have to go now though but I'll let you know when I'm ready :)
    I'll take Pidove, Gothita, Jolly Rayquaza, Adamant Groudon, Modest Tornadus.

    so you can choose 4 legendaries or 3 legendaries and 2 normal shinies :)
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