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  • Oh, you were a SmashBoarder! I just knew your username was familiar.

    I don't really go on there anymore as well, given I don't really play Smash that much anymore...
    Your username sounds very familiar. Are you on any other forums like SmashBoards or Miiverse or something of those sorts?
    I thank you for the kind words, LockFelino. :) I really do enjoy honest, civil discussions, and I find solace in that I have made a difference, as small as it was, in your eyes on this forum of ours.
    Yeah, I'm pretty much the same there. Though I do tend to associate myself with certain mythical creatures or animals. xD

    I got into it via season 1 as well... That was a long time ago. I still need to watch Tri. How is it so far? I'm interested to see the main characters for season 7. I'm currently watching Xros Wars as well as Savers. Speaking of Digimon, which is your favorite? I think mine would be Garurumon or the whole line... Dorulumon, Dorumon, and Gaogamon are also other options for me.

    I noticed you're a furry and you like Digimon as well? o:

    ... That sounded less awkward in my head. xD
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