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  • You gotta eat their lard tho.

    Anak gave me a pic of some guy cutting his face in half instead.
    Animal lard is proven to be healthy for you; you should eat as much as you can as soon as you get the opportunity.
    they're just like a colony of ants yea goin through your house dont get in their way and they'll take out the roaches yo
    Well at least you got your work on track

    Also we're doing better! We kinda teeter every now and then, but we always come back so its great. Drop by the xat!
    Thanks loco! Hopefully the xat works for you this time, sometimes we're a lil dead tho so forgive us for that, yeah? ^^

    So you're a circuit dude? All that stuff sounds a lil complicated so I take it you do must do well in your classes and stuff.
    Ahh thats the thing, you were to! Im just gonna cut to it, we kinda need a few more members in our clan and what I remember about you is that you were always really contributory towards the last one. We have challenges/CCAT's a lot and the xats somewhat active.
    wait did it it even work for you ^^;
    but yea it wouldnt cost you a dime and even if it did I prolly wouldnt charge you anyways.

    and wowo, what does one even learn to do in engineering school??
    I dont know what yer talkin about but I like the cut of your gib. You do remember me dont you? :0
    Heeeey look you're still alive!!


    Also your signature gives me the biggest freaking headache. I spent half an hour trying to make sense of it the other day.
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