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  • I am alive and well, and doing great! The reason I guit was that I was disappointed in a couple of things I was in here and I got a bit busy, I just never came back I guess... I currently have a great summer job that I only (and when I say only it's literal) weekends off so I can't really come back still. I'm sorry to here your out of dangerous, but I guess good things never last... How are you doing since my disappearance?
    Hey, heard you were dropping out of Soul Symphony. That's too bad, I thought our character interactions were pretty fun, in a difficult sort of way XD I enjoyed their arguments. But yeah, if you're too busy for the rp, I know it can't be helped.
    yeah, basically you are in a training room with Adrian, a bug-type Eju-user who is pushing you to your limits. He just got finished whooping Jacki's butt. He's pretty powerful. Have fun! XD
    Well damn... I understand your decision. Please post your announcement in the Character section. Did you tell GoldenHouou yet?
    Hey good news, Dangerous is back in action. Hope the exams went well and I hope youc an update Soul Symphony and Dangerous then
    Alright, see you back on the rp then.

    Well, there are quite a few posts so you do have some readin' to do, but I don't think it'll take too long. We've been having breaks and waiting for you every now and then, so yeah.
    Yeah, finals -> RP, in terms of importance.

    Yeah, I'm STILL not comfortable with bunnying him, so I'll just go ahead and leave him doing something like playing poker behind the wall Sergjez created (DVB posted about them fighting, so I figured I'd post a little about the fight). That way, you don't have to have him react to the stuff going on, well, 'cept for the old man popping up, I guess. You could always say he was so injured from the squeeze he couldn't move well or somethin'.

    And don't give me the permission to break anyone's neck, I might actually do it, hurr.

    Good luck with your finals, man.
    You heard it from GoldenHoupu, so edit your post please. And have your char notice everyone else can do it.
    Well... dying, at least XD Both you and I. But hey, water can heal, so 8D

    But err, after reading the thread, DVB's post did say that both our characters were dropped off the train by the Brutos guy. So I think they should be lying on the ground, glaring at each other but unable to fight or something like that? So maybe we'll just post about that, I think it'd work.

    I still really want a deeper explanation as to what they can do with their powers, because like this, it's up for speculation 8<
    Few things, they have little control over thier powers, meaning they can't really fight each other. Also, you should out having the big scary dude squeezing the air out of your lungs and having the rib bones nearly puncture them in your post. Sorry if I sounding harsh but someone has bothered me. Relay this message to GoldenHouou, thanks
    Aaah, I don't have the confidence to bunny your character. I don't know him well enough, and don't wanna butcher his characterization. So I'll just wait 'till you get back, no rush. 8)
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