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  • How are you doing? Been a while. Not like I didn't had the time, was just lacking the reason. I do check the main site from time to time. Still following the main series?
    Wow, having a kid sounds scary. Wonder if I'll ever be ready for that.

    Christmas for me was weird and so was the New Years eve. I was battling on PS on both occasions. Some might say I need a life but I would say I was with my family, my other family(which comprises Pokemon fans mostly). Many of my real life friends asked me out but I wasn't feeling up to it. Must be getting old :p

    Are you done with your thesis? Sorry if I'm a little late at asking. I wasn't here for the later part of last year.

    Hmm Sun. Why did you pick Sun? Don't tell me it has something to do with Lycanroc Midday form :L I don't even have a 3DS, I'm saving up for something big(not related to gaming of some kind).
    Happy (belated) New Years to you and your family as well.

    That's interesting. A lot of games usually time the in-game settings to your real-world settings. I don't own the game though (still don't have a functional DS). Rowlett is a good choice - it's what I would have picked.

    Well that is certainly a mixed bag! Kids by nature get sick easily (gotta build up the immune system over time), but at least he got to experience the New Year. It sounds like everything else is going well for you.

    Yeah, I saw a brief amount of fireworks from my bedroom window around midnight, but I'm sure if I drove to Detroit, there probably would have been an actual show. I watched the NYC ball drop, as I normally do.

    Me? Same old really. Spent some time with family over the holidays (well I live at home but extended family). Now it's back to work and waiting to hear back from schools. I think later this week or maybe early next week I just want 'restart' everything. Clean up all my stuff, clean up my personal and professional inboxes, start to eat healthily (too much junk food over the holidays) and begin working out again (every time it becomes too cold to play tennis I just stop doing so, but luckily we're getting a treadmill), reevaluate where I am, and go from there. I feel the last half year it's just been a rush to get one thing done and onto to the next and no time to sit and plan and reflect. I'm approaching the age where the whole post-college-figuring-out-your-life phase is over. I'm confident in myself that all will work out and by August I'll be in med school, but before then, want to make sure I won't stumble into it.

    That's a lot of time. Do you think something might be wrong with the DS or the game, or is that expected? I got a laptop recently, and the expected battery life is worse than what is expected, but I'm just so lazy to ship it back even though I probably should while I still have the warranty on it.
    Man, the last time I asked, you weren't feeling well either. Maybe me asking brings bad luck! Hope everyone recovers quickly, especially the little one.

    Aw, that's adorable. Soon he'll be taking his first steps!

    My life is okay. I'm applying to med school, so it's a long year process. Hopefully I'll get into somewhere before the new year, that would be a dream. I'm also trying to get back into the shape I was a couple years ago - not that I'm out of shape, but just want to look better for I get interviews for m.s. And socially everything is fine, starting to reconnect with people whose friendships sort of fizzled away throughout college, so that's nice.

    They're pretty decent. It seems that Chinese leak about the final form designs might be correct after all. I definitely see Ash getting the owl and cat.
    I bet Alolan Ninetales will have Snow Warning as its hidden ability. That'd nicely mimic Drought as regular Ninetales' HA.

    I also like Alolan Marowak and Exeggutor, particularly Exeggutor's random Dragon typing and that absurd height.

    I don't even like them in terms of design, tbh? I think they look cooler than their regular forms, but yeah..
    I love both evolutions but I prefer Midnight's appearance - it looks so devilish and wild. Though Midnight did get shafted in terms of moves. Like, Midday gets a priority Rock move and Midnight gets...Counter? That's so unfair.

    At this point I feel like there is a strong possibility of starters also having day/night evolution forms that are version-exclusives though it may turn out to be something else. But at the very least we know that the concept art is legit.

    As for my favorites, Litten was initially one of my favorites, it actually still is, but I'm not a huge fan of the final evolution shown on the concept art. I expected more of a quadrupedal, wild beast type of Pokemon rather than another Blaziken and Emboar. The final form simply looks so jarring in comparison to Litten.

    My other favorites:

    - Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales
    - Oricorio-Sensu
    - Mimikyu
    - Salandite
    - Solgaleo
    I like both of them. In terms of design I prefer Passimian but Oranguru has a neater typing. :D

    A lot of Alola Pokemon are very nice and all of them have such good lore surrounding them and interesting descriptions.

    BTW, which Rockruff evo do you prefer?
    I'm shocked you were able to make a list so quickly lol. I've skipped some XY episodes myself but your number vastly exceeds mine.

    Do you generally just skip fillers or any episode that doesn't have any major battle?
    I don't know either. Personally I prefer original Ash's design, but I can't say I won't get used to the new one after watching enough episodes.
    I was initially stunned, but after watching the trailer a couple of more times I'm more used to it.

    I can get used to the animation, but I'm still baffled by the concept of Ash being in school. I assume there will be a lot more to it.
    I think that's fair. I just dislike it that some individuals have declared the series crap and are constantly posting about how crap it is. If they've decided it is going to be crap based on a single poster, why don't they just quit and leave?
    Try to keep up on the fluids then.

    That's unfortunate. Some people will always point fingers, instead of acknowledging the actual situation.

    In real life, I've been working on my apps for applying to med school. It's going to be a long and stressful year of waiting for an interview from somewhere, doing well, and getting in (*knock on wood*). As for the KL, yeah, I wasn't too upset. It became obvious that it was the B-plot to the Flare climax. Ash at least reached the finals, so there's precedent to win in S&M.

    Hmm...yeah, I have no idea. Maybe S&M anime will begin earlier, or there's a month break?
    Yeah, it's mostly the howling at the moon and seemingly growing wilder as it nears evolution.

    And agreed on Ice-Type wolf, it's really needed :s
    Hi. I like Charmeleon too. Defintitely not enough people are fans of him! Also I like Harley. Obligatory Harley mention.
    That is a lot of countries. Apart from airport layovers, I've only stayed/been to three (US, Canada, India).
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