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I'm just a regular bloke with a habit

Television, movies, music, guitars, manga, and animé
In the Dutch Mountains
Favourite Pokémon
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Media and culture student


Answer to all the bad things in the world: Give up on trying to make everything better. Hence, accepting it for what it is. YOLO! <- Click the link and daw.. -.-

"If I had my way in DP, Ash would've hit the league with: Pikachu, Ambipom (his to keep), Torterra (Grass/Starter), Lucario (Ace), Chingling (Cute), Bidoof (Water-type) and Heatran (Fire-type)."

I want to get credit for if they turn out true. Dated 1:54am on 6-6-16:
- Rowlet: Arrowl - LOL I WAS WRONG!
- Litten: Burstiger - LOL I WAS WRONG!
- Popplio: Bubblaid - LOL I WAS WRONG!

The second line is meant to be sarcastic.. Though there was a random trainer with a Heatran at the Sinnoh League..