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  • Maybe make a circle from London to Paris to Barcelona to Rome to Prague to Amsterdam and then take the KLM back to Detroit. Spend a couple days at each site (although it'd be pretty hectic each day).

    Oh, the guy is apparently from Netherlands, so I thought, hmm why not ask.
    Oh yeah, I definitely understand that. There are only a few countries and cities I could visit in a single trip. Heck, I'm here in the US, and I have yet to visit places such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, LA and San Francisco.

    (BTW you didn't happen to sing an XY&Z OP cover on YT right?)
    Wales won't go down without a fight. If Belgium go cold that day, there's definitely a chance.

    I have to visit Europe. I mean, I've been through several layovers at Schiphol Airport, but that's not quite the same :p
    Unless Ronaldo/Portugal happen to be the team of destiny, I think Belgium is definitely reaching the finals. De Bruyne is looking in top form now and controlling that midfield.

    I was just joking. 56% of Northern Ireland voters chose to remain, while 53% of Wales voters chose to leave. So I was hoping for N.I. to defeat Wales as an FU for screwing over the UK.

    Yeah, the NHS promise was such BS. It's the same here in the U.S., with how these Trump supporters think the Donald will actually attain all these "big" and "winning" things he keeps promising.
    Considering their potential, Portugal or Belgium have such a great opportunity to reach the finals. The lower half of the bracket is much more stacked.

    I actually wanted Northern Ireland to defeat Wales to get revenge for Brexit :p

    Yeah...even if their players are getting older, they still should be good enough to get into the main event.
    The moment it went into OT, I just knew Portugal was going to take it someway or the other. The slate of matches yesterday in general weren't that great.

    I wasn't following the qualifiers beforehand, so I just assumed Netherlands would be there. I was pretty surprised honestly.
    If I was a Swiss fan, I would be so annoyed right now. They completely took over that game, while Poland just held on for dear life until PKs. Fabianski saved them. But that's the game, I suppose.
    I suppose you must be a little busy these days. A baby is a huge responsibility. I hope you are doing well. Don't know much about it so won't say much.

    I always wanted Ash to get a Phantump since its origin is similar to Snorunt and having a Ghost type is a nice change but I suppose this is the region of flying types. Looks like Ash might finally lose to Shota in the next episode and can't believe I am actually rooting for Shota.

    You remember at the end of each region we get a vibe that 'this is his last region'? I am getting that vibe again. Six region and he is finally close to E4 level if not the champion. If he beats Alain in their next battle then he is stronger than Malva at the very least(obviously ignoring relativity). Can't see league opponents giving him a tough time unless they all have Megas. I mean if a village idiot in DP league can have Heatran then what's stopping XY league opponents from having Megas?

    Btw, how's your career as a guitarist going? I think you once told me that your band appeared on National Television. Tbh I suck at playing guitar. I can play decently as long as no one is watching me. I can't even perform decent chord changes in front of anyone:( When it comes to drums it's a totally different story. I think I am natural at it cause just after one month of drumming I was able to play Good Times Bad Times with considerable ease. I forget about anything or anyone else when playing it safe to say I can lose myself in it. Sadly I can't play drums anymore due to a stupid shoulder injury. I do practice a little on a daily basis but nothing beyond that. I've been thinking of picking up a theremin for a while(years actually). These days I am learning classical guitar. Its not the easiest instrument but as is with all other instruments, perseverance is the key.
    I know it's a little late and you are probably done with your thesis but the topic is intriguing. I mean can a celebrity ever attend such an event without increasing their brand value? Let's say I become famous and I want to donate a huge sum of money, can I do it publicly without affecting my brand value? What if I am there just for a cause? And wouldn't I increase awareness towards the cause by just being there?

    Anyways, I was expecting some good news by now. Well its obvious since it been more than 6 months since I last talked to you.

    I am really happy with Ash's progress this gen. Full team of fully evolved Pokemon(including Goodra and excluding Pikachu) is something we have always wanted since who knows when. I haven't watched an episode since I think the second battle but I am still following the Anime closely even stumbling here once in a while. I really like Ash's chances this gen but this kid Shota might mess this up. He needs to win at least once before the league cause if doesn't then there are chances he will beat Ash in the league. Even if he doesn't, who wants to see another Ursula scenario. Btw do you think Ash can win this time round? I sure hope so.

    Totally forgot, yes the sample has been sped up. Recording at the same bpm would be even worse.
    That would be interesting. So far we've had what Dragon, Flying, Rock, Dark, Steel, Psychic, and Ground, right?
    Oh haha, I just chose 5 types that have not been used by Elite Four Members at all. I didn't really think about a perfect circle. Also I guess it would mean that Ice-types would dominate.
    Make "Venus Chomp" a Dark-type move that also does Grass-type damage and we have a deal. Outside of Crunch, Knock Off and Sucker Punch the Dark-type needs a move that does high damage without having some restriction: Payback needing to move second, Foul Play being based on the opponents Attack-stat, Sucker Punch failing when a Status-move is used (and having barely any PP), Knock Off degrading in use after the initial removal of an item (which is awesome though). Crunch and Dark Pulse are the only two that do consistent damage and Night Slash is okay when it crits.

    But considering the nature of this move, it's basically Night Daze all over again.. Why can't there be a 130BP Dark-type move with 85% acc?
    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Dark was actually my second choice for this move's type. And after reading what you said, I totally agree; we need more strong Dark-type moves. I still want the move to reflect Carnivine's flavor as a flytrap that eats bugs, so I'll leave it super effective against Bug-types. Also, I'm pretty sure giving this move 100 Acc wouldn't be too game-breaking. I'll do just that! So here is the new move:

    Venus Chomp (Dark, Physical, 100 Pow, 100 Acc, 10 PP. This move is super effective against Bug-type Pokémon.)

    Finally, I'd like to say that the Fly Trap ability also raises Carnivine's attack stat when it's hit by a Bug-type move (as opposed to how Lightning Rod raises the Pokémon's special attack stat).
    I think that if you have to deal with that unbalanced party at least change what is available in your hands (Eevee's fate) according to what you like the most. If your heart says Flareon then don't overthink it. Go with it and have fun using it even if that costs a bigger challenge in the end. It's not like it is completly useless being it a worse choice than Jolteon.

    However, if you are indeed looking for the wisest choice then go with Jolteon. It really depends what you give more value.
    Personally, I would go with Jolteon just for the simple case that Pikachu has to go at some point and there's that pesky Water elite 4 member(and the Gyarados's that Lance has).
    I'd choose Flareon. It would be useful when Blastoise and Kingler are facing a grass type Pokémon due to it being their weakness and also useful in case Tangela and Vileplume can't deal with a Pokémon which share their grass type. You will have Pikachu anyway during some of the time of your journey so I think Jolteon can have a rest this time.
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