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  • I have heard lots of rumors but this one was most believable. I want to see few more Pokemon with more than one alternate forms apart from Deoxys.

    I am new to Guitar so haven't learned any solos as of now. I haven't even got a Electric Guitar as of now. So I am mostly strumming and picking some songs which I always wanted to play like Hotel California, Stairway to heaven, etc. I have also done Knocking on Heaven's Door strumming part and it was easy. I will get a Electric in April and then I can start with some Jeff Beck or maybe Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    Well I heard some rumors about third game(if there will be one) a few months back. As we all kind of thought it would be called Pokemon Grey\Gray. Now coming to main thing, our star Kyurem will have two alternate forms. A yin form that will change its stat to physically offensive and its type would change to Ice\Electric. The form will mostly feature a black Kyurem with some icy grey thrown at some parts of its body. It will learn the hidden attack(as Bulbapedia calls it) which has 140 BP and has affects of paralyzing the opponent. The other form is Yang form which will feature a white and gray Kyurem which will be Ice\Fire with special based stats. It will learn the other hidden attack which has same base power but it has side effect of burning the opponent. The item that changes its form will be called black and white stones(not sure about the name). One more thing was that Reshiram and Zekrom won't be able to damage the respective form Kyurem with their signature moves.
    Although this is just a rumor for now, its still promising. Don't know about you but I find it quite interesting. I just can't wait to see it happen, if it really will.

    Thanks for telling me about this revolution. I am not one of those guys who keep track of current affairs but still its knowledgeable to know some stuff once in a while.

    What was the first song that you mastered?
    Oops I misunderstood, mainly because I didn't even knew about the Arabian revolution. Well I am going to leave it that way.
    I am thankful to the staff cause they never asked me to become one. Maybe because I have always shown my reluctance towards it to Joe and other higher mods. I have moded some non-Pokemon sites and my experience was not that great either. People usually hate mod and those who talk to them are mostly two faced idiots who do so to save their own arse. I mostly attract one or more infraction once in a while so that if I get a invitation of becoming a mod then I could easily decline saying some stupid stuff like "I am not ready" lol. And I have also noted two things about it. First of all, Joe is partial towards mod selection and second, once in a while there is a strict staff change the reason to which is kept secret. They don't even give a excuse and mostly say it is staff secret. I think you would have noted the recent staff change while I was not around. Even Encyclopika got demoted to which I am sure she would give a reason that she chose it herself.
    Its not a little matter. I had to wait two days to post this single message. I had to copy paste this message in notepad and then wait for perfect time to post it. And sometimes the perfect time is either 12 at night or 4 in morning. Not a ideal time, eh?
    I never saw S.Suikun as a MOD. He was more of a friend to me. But actually most of the MODS in here are my friends except for some like Alfonso or Geodude. Teasing them is so much fun even if it result in infraction.
    well I like the fact that Sushi is now a MOD. She was a valid candidate. And I hope she is doing her job right, not that I doubt her.
    But I have got a big problem. In December I switched to a faster wireless plan and man the latency of the connection is too high. I can't even post normally. It sometimes takes few refreshes to post a single message. I am trying to figure it out.
    I am totally liking BW pacing and small number of fillers too. DP looks like a outstretch now. Even though the number of fillers wasn't big but it still felt like things could have been finished in lesser number of episodes.
    To me its a decent posting average. I mean that other is just putting things again and again and definitely that is not any better than spamming. He is like commenting everyone possible but those miniature nearly meaningless posts. But that can't be helped.

    I was gone for nearly four and a half months and I gave three exams already. And most recent one was a entrance exam of Masters in Engg.(Computer Science). So I guess the break was not that fun as I thought it would be. I plan to become a regular user again iff I could figure out how to fix the latency. This single message took over 20 mintues.
    I was curious to know what troll has been lurking here... playerking told me this person just comes in to argue with ya but im just curious, who is it originally? might?
    Oh God no,that wasnt really my intention lol.Its just that sometimes i can get carried away talking too much(i know bad habit)so i just wanted to be sure of not being pushing or bothering,thats all.

    You have been to Croatia?Wow thats cool,hope you liked it despite being warm which i can understand.It can be very hot in here,especially over summer.
    I heard alot about Netherlands but have never been there,though im planning to visit it definitely one day.
    Omg ash with a dark dino killer(jk) god I am so excited. I just hope meguruko fully evolves cuz its final evo is too cool for ash not to have. Also I know it is unlikely but I just want it to learn dark pulse. I know it can't leaen it but the writers have done it before. Stupid writers getting rid of that tm. One of the best dark type moves gone just like that. Also I think that meguruko is gonna be ashs dark type since its seems that zuruggu is more of a fighting type(the zuruggu event has it knowing low kick and high jump kick as his other two moves) while meguruko already knows bite which is better then nothing. I think that he will know foul play, crunch, earthquake, and stone edge. If it learns a fifth move I would imagine either outrage or dragon claw(somethin different).
    Hi mate been awhile last time i heard from you.Whats up?

    Hope your doing well and hope i wasnt annoying or anything with my last visitor message.
    Ya I saw them and I am so happy about it. I guess this means that the writers are gonna learn how to rotate. I can't wait to see SG meguruko again and I guess that this confirmes that ash will get kurumiru in episode 18 thank good cuz I love both kurumiru and meguruko so if both evolve I am very happy. Also I guess iris's baby is gonna evolve soon which I'm happy about too. An evo and a capture for iris is awesome although I wanted her to get shimama instead but whatever I'm fine with emonga.
    Sorry about that whole egg dispute, it brought out the worst in us, i wonder, what you think of Ash's Zuruggu?
    Love. LOVE. Scraggy's one of my favorite Unova Pokemon, and to see that he's really going to Ash makes me very happy. Especially since that makes it less likely for Ash to get another Ground-type (Sandile). I don't like Sandile quite as much.

    I'm thinking its rivalry with Axew will stick around, and that it'll keep its rambunctious personality even after it evolves.
    I'm kinda upset that kurumiru might get insta-oaked though, I was kinda hoping to see what it can do since I'm gonna get it on my pokemon white team plus its one of my favorites this gen. Meguruko is too so I hope the writers finally start rotating for once. Cuz if they dont we might get two more possible krabby's on our hands which I will despise.
    Don't worry about it lol ya this egg stuff really got the better of everybody. Im still disappointed that the egg turned out to be zuruggu but ill get over it eventually lol. It would be a lot better if zuruggu wasn't totally evil but I guess ash will tame it eventually. I still think it will get oaked or put in training some time in the near feature for SG meguruko but ill wait and see on that lol. Anyway im glad all the egg drama is over(well at least what's in the egg). Thanks again for removing it :)!!
    Good god, I make one post about playerking on your page and I'm still being harassed 3 weeks later!

    Hope you're good man, you might have noticed I'm crazy inactive atm but checking what's going on in the Pokemon world XD
    Hey forgott to ask but talking about manga did you liked time skip they did in One Piece with group being separated for 2 years?Personally i welcomed whole thing,being interesting twist with each character having some time to improve on his own.
    Do you have by any chance favorite villain?

    If im annoying or anything feel free to warn me(juging by none answer to my last message i think i was).Sometimes i get caught in babbling mood,sorry.
    I just noticed your studying media and TV.So how its like,i think that branch of activity always opens opportunity to be employed having lot of directions through which you can build your career in future.

    Also are you coming from Netherland?Not sure but i assumed that judging by your info.Im coming from Croatia,not sure if you heard of it.Its a small country somewhere in middle of Europe(not real middle but somewhere around that area.

    p.s.You know i must say its very pleasant to talk with you and while we dont agree on some things pokemon wise(like Misty) i think we can at least agree how her ultimate goal of becoming master was something different than being gym leader which original series showed with writers unfortunately leaving that segment of story unfinished and underdeveloped.

    On all other parts pokemon wise i more or less share same opinion.
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