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  • Yeah i can see what you mean and speaking of Lord of the Rings i must say that trilogy is one of best i have ever readed.Plot and characters are quite unique and producers did a very good job on decanting storyline from books on big screen.

    Speaking of One Piece or Naruto well i cant say i readed manga but i did watched series and personally i like One Piece little more being more dynamic and imbued with humor.
    On a side note i was wondering do you like reasing books perhaps?You can say im a real bookworm at times with my favorite genre being science fiction,detective stories but good book with history tematic can pass too.
    I'm not sure if you've seen the new troll herbophiliac

    But guess what his favourite Pokemon is


    He wont give up.
    Tasks which may exist werent completely explained thats true,but what she wants to become has been already explained in 7th episode striving to become best water trainer in world with Misty in Kanto saying couple of times how she decided to travell(aside from bike thing)to try to achieve such thing.She considered Lorelai being her idol admiring her skills and use of ice/water types.

    Speaking of Whirl Cup,well prof.Elm said how winner of this tournament receives title "Alpha Omega Water pokemon" being one of tasks people who become water masters in past entered (Misty said when she was subscribing how if she ever plans to accomplish her dream she needs to win those thing).Reason why we didnt saw any follow up after that or anything was because writers decided to replace her leaving this plot unresolved.
    I think during Whirl islands they probably planned to keep her being reason why they started doing something still deciding whether to ditch her or Team Rocket with decision later on falling on her which explains why her departure was so random and without build up or closure with writers having to think of some way to send her off.

    About whole goal writers simply how to say screwed it.They had opportunity to develop her character doing something with it(whole orange islands was anime only and Johto could have used better screentime than wasting it on so many fillers).I think thats why ex head writer Takeshi Shudo for original series(died unfortunately) in his blog expressed regret of not doing more with Mistys character explaining his mistake and why they ditched her with halfway done story.
    As sad as it may sound some plots of this character were poorly treated and left on stansdstill having material on which they could expand giving her more development.However now that shes off the cast thing will probably stay that way,because in reality to expect her comeback is astronomically small.
    I think you missunderstood,it has been showed in first 5 seasons how water master goal is something which is more similsr to Ashs goal being connected with travelling being one of reasons Misty left gym(according to her sisters in 7th episode) being clearly showed in Whirl Cup how in order to achieve this title winning prestige water competitions is necessary according to prof.Elm who said somehing about whole term being somekind of steps someone needs to overcome in order to reach this position(similar to how coordinators need to win contests).It just happens writers never breaked new grounds with it aside from that example.

    Also her character several times started how she wants to become worlds best one type trainer(which naturally means being at least on E4 level if not higher since thgey are much higher level than gym leaders are) never viewing gym as way to achieve this.Gym can at best serve as "stepping stone" but in end its not enough in order to achieve such thing.
    Another interesting thing to point out is how none of gym leaders is classified as one type master but on other hand in anime some of E4 were labelled as such like Lorelai or Lance being called respectively ice and dragon type masters(same title they hold in other medias).

    Being good water type gym leader is nice and all but that doesnt make you one of strongest water trainers in world or water master.That is something higher with ones like Lorelai or Wallace fitting that category.
    For example Blain has been showcased as strong fire type trainer being one of few fire type gym leaders in anime but compared to Flint,champions and high level trainers he is nowhere near his level with later one being viewed as one of best.Why?Because gym isnt siffiecient to reach that kind of strenght.
    Nah its fine,i can totally understand you.Sometimes i can get overloeaded with work so much that i dont manage to find time for anything else aswell lol.
    Dont worry really,its fine either way whether you respond or not.

    p.s.I hope you didnt minded if i corrected you about some things like Mistys goal but i rewatched some of older episodes(from Orange islands archipelag and Whirl islands) and well water master thing is something completely different than being a gym leader(something writers left on good part unexplored like Ashs goal but still defined it little better through some E4 examples).
    Its fine if she never comes back(personally i accepted that long ago),but if she did in reality there are unfinished things left through which her character could be taken and developed properly.
    Hi i would just like to apologize for on good part unreadable message i sended to you.I was in hurry typing very fast in end doing many grammar mistakes,hope it wasnt to much of torture to go through it,.
    I couldn't find the pokemonbw guy, but TerraTrainer seems different. do you think he's finally trying to shake up his trolling? Or maybe it's just a new troll completely. I would have thought if he was really trying to trick us he'd do something other than leave the default favourite Pokemon setting lol.
    I'll tell you what. Joe is english. I'll pop round to his house, he only lives 200 miles away, and together we'll track down their IP addresses and find out once and for all. If it's the same guy, you and me will storm his house and rob him of his possessions. ;)

    Well he was around. I reported him a few times but obviously he didn't do enough to warrant a ban or the mods didn't recognise him or something... He must have stayed in a subforum no one cares about- sums Johto up XD

    Also, playerking is now owning me, please help ;)
    Lol YA SERIOUSLY, I love it! Something else- Playerking doesn't like quoting people for some reason, and neither does 1djnfrgubrg;b (;P)

    And yeah Might is always obvious- as our posts about his general habits make clear! I was surprised he managed to last 2 months before being banned this time...
    Hey man, hows it going? I feel semi responsible for playerking and 1rkchahatryan (did I spell it right?) trying to hassle you in the spoils thread! :/ To be honest I don't really agree with them, but obviously playerking twisted what I said to make it sound as if I'm on his side.

    Main reason I'm posting- do you think one of those two is an alt of the other one? They both have similar join dates, the same (normally) controversial opinions, and i've never seen them post without a 5-10 minute gap in between. They just strike me as similar and I was thinking playerking made an alt so it would look like someone would agrees with him for once :D
    I love the name Vipelierre. Snivy just doesn't grate my ears quite as much, so I decided to use that one.

    For some reason, I just feel like the English ones don't get across the meaning of Mijumaru and Pokabu as much as the German names do. I kind of wish the German and English names were swapped.

    And I'm ecstatic about Daikenki. He was already my favorite Unova starter but he became 10x more epic when I saw that picture.
    Yo, yeah Teshub is Teshub.

    Well the Team Rocket thing Im loving it I have the exact opposite opinion :p, I was tired of them I wanted them to leave the anime I couldnt stand them anymore, they were an excuse for the writers to not having to make decent episodes, they were the plot job of the writers.

    Right now they dont bother me and Im loving their new ways of doing stuff plus they arent as involved in the episodes in terms of interrupting Gym fights, etc and the writers dont loose time showing them selling candy instead of Quilava vs Armaldo for example, that p.i.s.s.e.d(censured lol) me off so much.

    I really think the anime has another dinamic right now, I was really tired of it in general, DP was a nice change but even so it was getting tiring, this arc is really looking fresh and has been entertaining me so far, in DP I would only watch the episodes that interested me and the rest I would only look at pictures in this arc if it keeps being like that I am probably watching all of them, plus its gettin subbed hopefully till the end this time so its another reason to watch it.

    Well yeah, he can be an homosexual and not have that, I also dont get the idea I dont have openly heterosexual and proud in my signature but it doesnt bother me, what bothers me is that Teshub probably isnt and is just trolling, the Iris Super Sayian picture points me to that.
    Hi mate, bout Maxim

    Meh, I really couldnt care less at this point, they just whine at everything and till now the series has been great, she/he deserved what I said Im at the point of wanting to punch them from the monitor lol and I never got in a fight in my life...

    Complaining for the sake of complaining its the internet :D, if I didnt actually like to hear some people opinions and see epsiodes summaries etc I wouldnt even come to the Anime section anymore but I still care, anyway if they ban/suspend me this time maybe I will indeed just come here has guest and not post, I have a bunch of people in the ignore list but people keep quoting them haha, Teshub, Deathseer, etc The Dawn fanatics united.


    Damn 400 hours and you dont have a Garchomp :p, just put a Exp Share on a Gible and do some leagues, I actually like Garchomp a lot used it on my Platinum team and now I have an Ev trained one.

    About the site...I dont really think its necessary to put the fakes there but its good for the kids to not get fooled, still i dont really know if they would go to the zone since Serebii doesnt really advertise that section much.

    The starters, well i can see Pokabu going that way ending up a bipedal pokemon and like is aid I even liked the line from those fakes :p but it might just go quadrupede Warthog also, we will have to see to me it can go both ways and still look awesome.

    Mijumaru samurai evolution I have in mind is something like you are saying but i wanted it to have a big shell and have a samurai look, two blades would also be cool like you said and just keep the samurai look, anyway im expecting something badass.

    Tsutaja yeah I can see a flying or dragon snake but not like that one, something that actually looks a 3rd form needs more epicness.

    As to what I do im a Computer Technician, gonna study engeneering next year most likelly, I studied Marketing/Commerce before but quit for Computer Technician since its what I liked to do more, yes its kinda weird because its two completelly diferent areas I know :D.
    \0 sup .

    Yeah I still like the franchise and im pretty addicted from times to times but its more about the games, I actually got to know the series via games since the games came first and all :p, the anime yeah watch the important episodes mainly, in Hoenn I actually didnt watch much then I started watching the anime again in Battle Frontier and DP but like I said i dont watch em all, i see pictures in serebii always but I only watch battling/evolution/capturing/training/league/gym/contest episodes lets say non filler stuff.

    I still play a lot collect shinies, etc.

    About the fakes yes i though it was too much of an overwhelming change for them to be true, specially Mijumaru.

    I didnt really dislike them but it wasnt what i wanted in terms of their evolution and I actually said many times that they had the exact same pose as the beta art, wich is really not a smart thing to do when making a fake and im a starter fan so I was kinda bummed because I really didnt like them, the only one I actually accepted was Pokabu xD seems like most people liked the Tsutaja one but Pokabu to me seemed like the only one who made sense, anyway glad they are fake i really started liking Mijumaru latelly and when i saw that thing i was like "damn im gonna use Pokabu instead", i want a Samurai Mijumaru :p with an awesome Shell blade.
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