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  • Oh. Right, yeah, I get your angle, damn, Tauros is good...... :)

    If you asked me though, Id probably say Snover was down the bottom end of her scale, and Sneasel and Medicham bridged the gap in the middle. Animé watchers instinct on my behalf.

    But cool, cheers for replying, I was a bit nerfed when I didnt understand what you meant :D
    haha, yeah i dont really know if the guy is 10 thats why i though i might have been trolled and also after seeing his profile with the anti trolling stuff he seems like a troll indeed and probably isnt 10.
    I damn know what trolling is. I've been trolled before. I know what it's like. Dammit, the stereotypes ten year olds have to deal with, the list just goes on.
    Maybe I would stick to some other instrument. My second love is guitar so I would try that.

    I think I didnt told u that I am taking a break from the forums and maybe Pokemon franchise too. So I have a big favor to ask u. I want u to hold the fire type group for time being. I hope u would agree so I am sending u a link too.
    So are there any other instrument that can play the bassline?
    One more question I had in mind was that how much time does it takes to learn the drums. This I am asking for myself cause I have interest in playing them.

    Lastly, are you hoping to see this luvdisc evo looking Pokemon with Misty?
    yeah, I know what ya mean, and yeah, the airdates seem to be reasonable, though they might have a break after the paul battle and after lt battle bringing it to 195 eps
    thanx for clearing the doubt.

    Anyways, did you watched the episode? Infernape with Flare Blitz and Gible with two wins. The real league has started.
    Ok dude I have a question for you. I recently came to know a person who is forming a rock band of four members(a vocalist, a guitarist, a pianist and a drummer). Is it even possible? I heard somewhere that bassist is most important part of the rock band but I thought asking you would be better.
    yeah I knew. oh yeah you like soccer too? hahaha. and yeah thanks for wishing me if it is a 4-5 days late
    Spain got a big problem and thats the left leg. Most Spanish players can't hit with the left leg and that can be used against them specially in penalty shots.

    Germany win over Uruguay was close but in last 20 minutes Germany nearly ruled the field. Only one shot at the end but that didn't hit the spot.

    I forgot that Brazil's own goal was given to Wesley and one more goal against some other country so Tonight Wesley and David play for Golden Boot. But if both of them are unable to score then I am not sure who gets the boot. Mueller, Forlan, Wesley and David all have 5 goals so I guess the one with most impressive get the boot.

    Holland's defense is fine if you ask me but Spain's is better. Spain got best pass completion in WC but Holland got nice offense so match can go anyway.

    I always had rough time with Pseudos. Liked Tyranitar but it is hard to get as Larvitar is only available on Mt. Silver. Used Salamence once but it disappointed me. I guess I was asking too much. Had a lot of Dratini's but they took so darn time to evolve that by the time I got one Dragonite I was done with E4. I already told about Beldum wrong nature. But I used Garchomp cause getting Gible was easy and Garchomp was a nice Pokemon. So I am hope we get Pseudo a little early in 5th gen too.
    I will be rooting for both the time cause they are first timers. I knew that Germany might be in good shape but breaking into Spain's defense might not be easy and same happened. The problem was newbie Pedro from Spain who got so many chances to score but still was not much of help. The best thing about the match was no yellow or red card, only fair play.

    I don't like the timing of finals. Sunday night is not a nice idea. People have to go to work so they can't stay awake for long. Why can't the stick to the day time? I know that celebration looks nice at night but they should think of rating too. Not everybody is a football maniac who will miss the office for the game.

    Anyways who do you think will get golden boot? Villa is leading with 5 goals while Wesley has 3. German's Klose has 4 too and he can come Kloser to Villa in todays match.

    The 5th gen seems to be inserting lot of powerhouses. Third gen had two pseudos so maybe we might have three in here. Won't that be exciting? I hope they handle it nicely if it happens. Only getting one Beldum wasn't fun cause I never got the right nature or right IVs.
    So Spain served Germany. Now the finals would be more interesting cause both countries have never won the finals. As for the last match, I think Germans were trying to take out that left mid fielder of Spain team cause he was a replacement to Torres was a real threat. I liked the flow of the match, whole first the two teams were playing defense and in second half they switched into offense. Both coaches did horrible mistake on their part. Loew(German coach) replaced the defender with someone else resulting into weak defense and then Spanish coach replaced Villa with Torres and that was the biggest mistake. They could have won by 2-0 only if they had kept Villa. Torres is out of shape and hasn't attended most of the training so not keeping him in the team was obvious. As for Germans, they played fine but in first half they played counter attacking, cheapest play possible.
    I watched the last match and the second Ml goal was funny as well as impressive. The Uruguay Goal Keeper might be thinking that they second man would kick the ball to an angle and he didn't did anything. The man just allowed ball pass through his legs and we have a goal.

    I remember someone made fun of Paras design in 5th gen thread calling it uncreative and now I think it is one of the best design. They might have given it a dark type if it was introduced in 2nd gen due to this evil deed.

    I am still not sure about Brock leaving, he just shows up out of nowhere everytime. Not that I hate him or anything. If he is doing something new hen he is welcomed but if just want to flirt then bring in someone else.
    You might find it a bit surprising but I failed to watch the match. There was a communication error on EPSN so I though I should sleep for half and hour but I overslept. Anyways I know that the match was 1-1 before half time then by 73' the score was 2-1 and by 81 minutes the score was 3-1 and Uruguay scored last goal in extra time. But I missed the excitement of the match, cheering for the team and jumping here and there on every goal scored. I would watch the match later on when I get time. Anyways, looking forward to Spain vs Germany, who will go to finals? Best bet is Germany but lets see what happens.

    Mijumaru2 design can also fit a coordinator but I am more inclined to Ash cause it looks Bad*ss. As for Tsutaja, I wanted it to get Dragon type on by the end but if it ends up with anyone other than Ash then I don't care. I remember you once said that Tsutaja seems like a Ash Pokemon and I totally agree. Those kick*ss looks of Tsutaja will work with Ash very well. Funny thing is that most people hated Mijumaru when it was revealed but after we got that beta pic of its evo it has become the quite famous. Thats the power of evolution.

    I want Pokabu to get dark type once it fully evolves but I don't think they will give an evil type to a starter.

    Anyways, did you saw the new Origin of species article about Paras and Parasect? It was creepy.

    Edit: take a look at my sig. I might attract some trouble due to it.
    Rest of the message(curse you limit):

    I agree with Tsutaja, he can lost those arms and maybe get wings or something like that in final evolution like this. But I am not sure about other two. Pokabu can go either way and maybe it will get ground type on evolution to complete the pattern(Swampert, Torterra and Pokabu final evolution). As for Mijumaru, I am not sure about its secondary type. When I first saw its evolved form I was disappointed thinking that it was going to become Ash's main Pokemon but now after seeing this I am fine with it. I want it to get water\psychic or some special.

    Edit: I have completed my Ash vs Paul scenario. Will post it soon.
    I fell like Brazilian team is overrated. They played well but weren't the best and still people expect them to win. I think reason for their loss was over confidence too. They go into the field like they are the ruler and no one can stop them. Its good to think that way to boost confidence but things got off hand with them.

    I don't think Uruguay can do much against Holland. They are in good shape while most of Uruguay's players are out of the match just like you said.

    Spain ball possession was more than 60%(don't remember the exact figure) and they were continuously striking. On the other hand Paraguay was striking but all of their hits were too far away from goal posts. The main thing was Villa. He can strike while standing on varied acute angles and thats one thing which give Spain an Uber punch over Brazilians who basically stick to their striker trio. The problem in Germany vs Argentina was the same formation. If you cross the mid fields then you can strike and Germany players are good at it while Argentina was not able to cross it with ease.

    Actually by Sceptile design I meant the body style. There are too many Pokemon with same body style like Nidoking\Queen, Kanghaskhan, Charizard, Feraligatr, Tyranitar, etc. I don't wanna see more of that design and last two gens didn't included many Pokemon of that shape either.
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