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  • Hey mate, haven't been around recently due to exams and work and the like. How are you finding the World Cup? I have to say after the fail that was England Vs Germany, I'm 100% backing Netherlands now. :D
    Gyan surely looked under pressure and missing penalty shot showed it. When people are showing banners like Ghana...make Africans proud then this was supposed to happen. They laid too much stress on winning and in turn got beaten up by a weaker team. By watching this match I guess I found out the problem with problem during penalty shot. Whenever a person tries shooting in upper corner the ball just flies off. So they are left with shooting close to ground which leaves them with two options of either right or left. The Goal Keeper can easily see that coming and as most prefer right side kicking the goal keeper saves it with ease. I have seen all of Penalty saves and same thing happens.

    But I think Netherlands is already up for Semis cause I don't think Uruguay will be a problem. Only thing good about them is there goal keeper.

    Spain winning against Paraguay was obvious. Now I wonder who will make to semi in their block. Both teams are playing well and Germany's goals have been impressive. One thing more is that in recent three matches I saw same thing happening, In Brazil vs Holland, Spain vs Paraguay and Argentina vs Germany all lost on goal due to off side. Only Robinho was able to score a goal after that. Villa's goal in last match was great and one thing to note is that Spain mostly have high ball possession and shots on target.

    I only liked the fanart of Tsutaka evolution cause I always wanted Ash to get something like this(Gyarados looking, Chinese Dragon) but I don't think real Tsutaja final evolution would be like this after seeing its middle evo. It would be something like Sceptile and I am literally sick of that design.
    Ghana lost due to Gyan. I mean I was so certain but then he missed that penalty shot. I think it was referee fault, instead of giving a red card he should have counted that goal cause he touched the ball inside the goal post. And then in penalty shoot out, all Ghana player were focusing on bottom right. I guess they led to their own demise.
    Anyways new fanart has surfaced and this one looks nice. If we didn't knew Tsutaja and Mijumaru evo, I would have believed this.
    Aren't these nice.
    we both could make it to the hoenn champion by the time BW starts, and maybe be pokemon champions by the time BW ends even though theres going to be plenty of new ranks when it starts lol
    it was only a month ago, keep it up and you might pass my post count by the end of august lol
    The cards were thrown pretty abruptly. I hope this doesn't effect the next match that follows.
    The main thing I noted in this match is that Robinho and Kaka have a bad temper. Apart from that, both the teams played well. Holland could have scored one more goals in last seconds but they were just trying to end the time by keeping Brasil off the bay.
    The best part was the header. Now I am hoping that Ghana wins the next match. For the next quarter I am not sure but I think Spain and Germany would most likely win. But Germany should watch out for Messi.
    Did you heard this joke?
    Question: What do you do when England wins the match?
    Answer: Turn off the Play Station.
    Congratulations. The match was exciting, not the best but still a match to remember. I am so happy that Brasil is out. I didn't wanted to see them win at any cost.
    I am quite excited about the new ending and updated opening. We may get some future evolution details. And yes the info on upcoming series is equally important. So tomorrow episode is 3x fun.

    As for WC lets just wait till the match to see who comes out to be the victor. Jus as you said, if Switzerland defeated Spain then why can't Netherlands beat Brasil? Specially when it is fifty times better than Switzerland.
    I will never favor Brasil over anyone. Reason: They are already won five time and if same things keep happening then we start to lose faith in out favorites.

    At this moment I am cheering for Dutch team and Paraguay team as well. Netherlands is fourth best team according to FIFA ranking and I don't think Fifa people are mad to rank them like this. As for Paraguay they made it to Top 8 for the first time so I would like to seem them go even further. But getting upto Top 8 is a big achievement for them and getting eliminated now won't be a big deal.

    So for me, I want to see either Netherlands, Paraguay or Ghana win. But the things is that each one of them are getting tough competitor. Ghana can beat Uruguay but Paraguay beating Spain is far fetched. As for Netherlands I hope they beat Brazil even though its hard think like that.
    I agree that France used too many old players and that leaded to their fall. But Anelka suspension was also heavy on them. One more problem was that Coach Domenech didn't used Henry in the Formation. When he was used in substitution he didn't fitted in there.

    So did you watched Spain vs Portugal? It was a nice match to see specially with Villa shooting that nice goal. I didn't wanted to see Portugal win tbh. I don't like C Ronaldo anymore. He has become too much arrogant since last time.

    I think Spain has got just the thing to break into Brazil's offense and thats coordination and skills too. Brazilians have skills too but they fall to this type of game play like Korea gave them a tough time(more than anyone was expecting).

    Edit: If my memory serves me right then Beckham said last time that he is quitting WC football. Still he played Qualifying match but he is now Assistant Coach of England team.
    I guess all that elimination is due to the new ball. Everyone is accusing it saying that it bends when coming to the player like it is running away from the player. And tbh I have seen it quite often in this WC. The ball either slips out of players foot or bend with uncertainty. In Brazil match that second goal was quite unexpected due to the ball. That header was totally uncalled for and if it were a normal ball then it would have bent downwards. The player who hit it(can't recall his name) didn't expected it either.
    On more fact is that teams this year are not that great. With departure of Zidane, Ronaldinoh, Ronaldo, Beckham and others the WC don't look that serious.

    Edit: Do you know any nice video convertor to convert mkv to avi? I have tired many but not getting good results. I want the video and audio to retain their quality and I don't care about output file size.
    I think they are promoting Hoenn from the start so that we wouldn't whine later on that they are over promoting the remakes just like HGSS.

    I am not sure about evolution now. The league is already short and only one evolution has occurred till now during the league and that's Krabby which was a shocker back then too. If they are evolving something then I am good with anything.
    Actually I am as sad for France as Italy. I am last time champion and runner ups not making to Top 16 looks bad.
    And no I am not French. I am big fan of Henry and Zidane thats why I support France. Henry because he is one of the few unselfish player in Football these days. And Zidane well not much to say, you know what I am saying.
    I thik four teams have potential to make it to finals: Brasil(consistent except for match against Portugal), Argentina(again consistent and they are doing great till now), Portugal(for drawing with Brasil and that awesome 7-0 win) and last would be Germany(nice win against England). But I would like to see Holland make upto finals too. Lets hope for the best.

    Edit: I don't know what to say for new Pokemon revealed. They all look beastly.
    Is it me or are they promoting Hoenn out of a sudden. First Ash brings back three of his Hoenn Pokemon where one(Corphish) of them is developed pretty nicely. Then two Makuhita. Nando using Armaldo, the least expected Pokemon. And now Conway might use Aggron. What the hell are they trying to do?
    Congratulation for Netherlands win over Japan though I am a bit late. It looked like Japan never had a chance since the start. Mostly powerful teams are getting beaten in World Cup this time. Looking at France(my fav), England and Spain I feel quite amazed. So there are chances that either Brazil or Netherlands take the cup.
    This Yo concept is quite fragile though. I heard it somewhere but I don't have a official source. So things can go other way like Gold and Silver where there was no third counterpart.

    I was thinking of an alternate evo to Ponyta which can be based on Pegasus. Still there are many common animal species left to make Pokemon based on them like Dolphins.

    The Croc's eye is making it look kind of funny. Its like it is wearing night vision or something like that.

    You heard about Tauros evo rumor? Even if it come out to be true, I don't think Ash will take his Tauros to next region cause it is already to strong taking out likes of Venusaur and Metagross.
    Well the news is not necessarily fake, it just is assumed fake because of what the person said. But if he said it was a misunderstanding from his source, I will give him another chance. Heck I'd rather believe in some rumors just to get the forums running. No fun with no news. The guy Martin has come through before, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Tauros evo. FTW!
    There have been many Dragon types who were not weak to Ice Type moves like Kingdra, Dialga and Palkia. I wonder what typing would they give to the last one. It will be based on Yo the mixture of Ying and Yang. It is neither evil nor good.

    I want the Zebra to evolve into something like Pegasus. I have been waiting for it since I saw Rapidash. But Rapidash would have looked better with wings. Like the tristar mascot.

    And that Daruma ape is something who can get a pre evolution in first place. And it need some eye brow trimming.

    The Crocs eye definitely look weird. I thought maybe it will something like Sand Veil which will increase its evasiveness in Sandstorm but I think it will get some other eye move like mean look.
    So like the new News? We finally got a fire type Pokemon that isn't weak to Water Type moves. I wonder what Turbo Blaze does? And Reshiram is first fire type with no red, yellow or Orange color in its body.
    I wonder why are people whining about Dawn so much these days. I think her character has already become stale after GF. Even Brock is better than her cause he is consistent in what he do.
    Then the guy said his source meant to use it as a example of what the evo. will look like. Seems like he is getting toungue-tied here. However he continues to say he is telling the truth, and that it was a miss understanding on his part as to what the source meant with the pic. most people that pull our legs like this would have already admited the lies, so maybe there is still some truth to his post. WPM, pokebeach's creator still seems to believe in him.
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