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  • I once did a little research on European Dragons cause I find them interesting. But I never found out a dragon which looked like Dialga. I found many quadrupedal dragons but nobody looked like that beast. And why did they gave it a steel type? Just because Diamond is strongest material means they should give it a steel type? At least Palkia's water type is obvious.
    Talking about mascot I never understood one thing. Why is Dialga a dragon type? I mean that beast looks like a Giraffe or horse, why gave him dragon type? Just to complete the trio? And I guess Arceus laid a curse on whole trio that they will have similar face like him. Giratina opted for plastic surgery and got banished to other world.
    I don't think they will cool in anime. Look at Reshiram, its totally one colored and in white background it would look weird. And rom can have major outline problem that distinguish between its body parts.
    So someone stated that their shiny forms should be alternate color. I would like to see a black Reshiram and white Zekrom.
    So now both these mascots are dragon type(not confirmed to be pure). I find the Reshiram design quite lewd as they gave it pubic hair kind of thing lol.
    -random input- No, I'm not into Naruto. xD Kukuku is like a generic evil laugh. Or maybe I picked it up from people who do like Naruto. Hmm..
    Whoo other old people who like pokemon!
    I'm actually pretty comfortable with liking pokemon because my friends are into it too. Me and my best friend have cosplayed as rocket grunts so we pretty much have no shame. :p I actually just got a DS for christmas because my gameboy games didn't save anymore...I was very sad. v_v I do like the new games though. The old ones were good because they are familiar and the new ones are good because of the new features. Like, I'm definatly getting White when it comes out but I'll be annoyed by the 5th gen as I play it...like "Arg! What did I just catch!? This thing looks weird!...Oooh nice graphics." So it's a love hate thing. The new anime...I hate with a burning passion. I think they ruined a lot of things about the characters and as they make more episodes they'll just continue to discredit themselves.
    SO! Long rant short I love Pokemon but hate where it's going. :)
    Volkner is using Jolteon who is spamming Shadow Ball once more. Seriously I am happy my prediction went wrong. I feel light as a feather now.

    The Meowth episode was boring as hell. One thing nice was Glameow evolving into Purugly.
    Sorry for late reply.

    Ag being the new beginning was said in some interview. They said that they will change the face of Pokemon and something like that. That also shows that next gen Ash can have all three fully evolved starter being the third gen after AG.

    So would you count Nando as Dawn's rival now? Its okay to call him Ash's rival cause they already had a battle but in Dawn's case he should have a contest type battle but that doesn't happen.

    Till now Ash was getting a reptilian based Pokemon that has characteristics of Dragon type(ability to learn Dragon moves or being in Dragon egg group) but this gen story went different cause there was only one reptile of that type and that was Gible so I kind of knew that Ash can get it. And Ash had to get a dragon type one day so why not now?
    you can only get 1 infraction per post anyways :p

    dunsparce is an incomplete pokemon that may be recreated as a grass type within this starter

    as long as the water starter isn't a recreation of bidoof...
    you might get a 1 point infraction if theres a mod with a problem with the word vag but nothing too serious

    i'm just guessing here but tsutaja might be the first grass/flying starter, pokabu will most likely be the fiery warthog, and as long as the water starter doesn't change to a huge bidoof/bibarel, i'm getting the games XD
    it really isn't :p

    honestly whatever happens i'll be fine with, i'm just a whatever guy, i don't really care what happens :p

    yeah i like the grass starter, and with the final form of starters the only one that has had a drastic change in appearance from first to final form was charmander (IMO) so unless they pull a charmander with one of the other starters i'm taking the grass this time (for the first time ever :p)

    oh yeah, i made a new signature after a mod destroyed my old one, hope you like it specifically ;D
    thanks, congratulations on becoming a coordinator XD

    i laughed at his thread too, i got an infraction too, S.Suikun loves to kill my fun every time i decide to have any :p
    Do you think Sinnoh was really that unpredictable? It was not for me at least.
    When they named the main girl Hikari I knew her main rival would be Nazomi and Hikari can never beat Nazomi officially. What it unexpected?
    Then at start of AG they called it a new beginning to the Pokemon Anime and Ash gets one fully evolved starter so it was not unexpected to see Ash getting two fully evolved starter this gen(Sinnoh being the second in line). I was surprised but I knew it was coming.
    And Ash had to get a dragon type so why not in Sinnoh.
    Now the most unpredictable thing was Nando. Was he really a rival to Dawn? I mean he never even battled her in whole Sinnoh(in contest or GF).
    And then Gliscor release. Who thought that after two gens Ash will release a Pokemon(who has a third best variable move set after Charizard and Snorlax).
    Welcome someone said the typings would be like that. But we can't be sure though the water one has a air of ice type around it and fire one also can gain dark type.
    The thing is anime. How will this affect anime. What the next gen girl should get? and should be traveling for a while when Ash enters the region? I guess we can only wait. There are many question to be answered specially what starer is Ash gonna get? I will go with all three but then what about next gen girl?
    SO how do u like it?
    Grass\Fighting, Fire\Dark and Water\Psychic. They don't look cool but typings are nice. And above all there are chances of time skip in Anime.
    I love Beyonce but she gets sued constantly for plagiarism. XD I admit that the first time I heard I Love Rock and Roll I thought it was Britney's. Actually, I think I found out it wasn't like months ago thanks to the promos of The Runaways movie. :O

    I have a feeling you are covering the right songs. You don't have cover songs like Oops... I did it Again ~even if I secretly like that song~ I love Muse, Michael Bublé and Stevie Wonder. Good choices.

    Ugh, I have a guitar, an acoustic one and I really want to learn but IDK where to start. I basically teach myself to do everything so I want to teach myself to play it. I guess it won't be possible. XD
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