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  • Interesting.

    Even if the coversongs are completely different from what you want to do in your solo effort, I'm sure it'd be a great experience.

    At least you have a band and you write your own songs. I have huge admiration for artists that write and produce their own music. It's more credible than artists that use songs from other people and take all the credit. *coughBritneycough*

    I'm actually a songwriter; nothing professional but I've been doing it since I'm a kid. I like your concept, that's why I asked. I liked the song titles and the meaning behind them, really original.
    Let me see if I understood correctly; you're in the process of developing an album?
    Arceus come to my mind when thinking of word Judgement and Weavile when it comes to revenge. Either way they suit the case on which we both agree.

    League time is best on SPPf as everyone go to their fullest. The site is totally jammed in those days and I like that. Its better than GF where people just keep on saying one thing over and over(Dawn will win). Don't you think May's story was original compared to Dawn? I mean Dawn's story is a complete copy of Ash's story with league replaced by GF and aim to be a Master replaced by Hikari's theme.

    So any hopes for Paul's team for the battle? I can see him using few reserve replacing some Pokemon like Weavile and I don't know, maybe Ursaring(no rivalry). I can see him with a Ttar or a Feraligatr and Poliwrath also suits his personality. But I want ash to use all of his Sinnoh team against Paul and If Gliscor doesn't return for the battle then Gible can be replaced by our very old Snorlax that can digest the mighty Turtle's tree.
    Well at least now i have a person who shares the idea of revenge killing with me. The forum is going berserk on GF part. I mean we are discussing without some real knowledge and I also think writers are playing with our mind. One thing to note was Dawn and Zoey promise, why does it matter? I mean I say we will battle tomorrow in Sinnoh League's final doesn't mean it will happen. They are just saying that they will try their best but I think its just me.

    But the best thing is still waiting and thats the league. GF are okay but league are the thing for me. Specially since the development Paul got in whole saga. I can't wait to see another battle between them. And I think the last gym battle preview is not aligned in order. Electivire is supposed to be Volkner's strongest Pokemon. The Luxray scene is supposed to be from the battle with some other Pokemon.
    *I didn't knew there was character limit in here, here rest of my message*

    Now considering the new game release to be in September, your scenario can be shortened a bit. We don't need any more -son rival as we have many other rivals too. I would like to see Ash lose to some known rival rather than a league only rival cause they don't appear after the league and hence there is no point in introducing them. Its like Ash telling his story to his grandchildren:
    Ash: Once I met ****son in Sinnoh league and he beat the hell out of me.
    Grandchildren: And then you beat him later in your life time?
    Ash: No, he is league only rival. They can be only found in specific league areas and I never went back to any league in my life time.
    I find your scenario for rest of saga quite amusing but there are two points which I want to remind you. Main series games are always launched in September since AG(correct me if I am wrong) and not in November but lets just say it can be possible. Now coming to second and more important point, don't you find it quite weird that they made Ash to wait for 8th gym badge when he was there in Sunnyshore. I can understand about league cause it occur at definite period of time but here I think there is a shake in plot line and they are trying something new, what is that, no one knows. If we all assume that they are rushing the saga now then why the hell would they let Ash wait for his badge for so(oo.....) long. I know my points are contradicting each other at one point or another but still I get a feeling that there is something wrong going out there. One way they are rushing it and second way they are expanding it.

    And I didn't liked how they treated Pikachu in this saga. It didn't got many episode focusing on it. I know that they are doing it since the very start of series but everyone liked that kind of filler and Piplup fillers are quite boring and repetitive like that one when it falls in love with Azumarill was exact copy of Totodile's filler(and yet they say Totodile was short on screen time) in Johto. Every Pokemon got his\her own story line but Pikachu was like the old pal who don't need any more attention and when I look at the thread called 'Is Buizel the weakest Pokemon(or something like that)', I get the feeling that Pikachu is the one who is weak in Sinnoh more than any other Pokemon.
    I agree with all of the points you made. I like one fact in anime this time round and thsts Starter getting chance to fight on evolution. Monferno evolves and get a chance to battle Elite four Flint and ten Grotle evolves and get chance to battle Elite Four Bertha. But there is pacing problem arising since we don't have much time left for 5th gen. Maybe writers are getting cold feet on fillers and regulars. They must have planned those episode much before and are bound to show them even when the show doesn't need them. They could have done the electric-ice combo in some other episode but I whats done is done and I don't have much problem with it now.

    I was calculating the number of episode focusing on main characters(excluding TR) till and found out that Dawn got more episode compared to Ash till Togekiss episode while Brock didn't even got five on his part. They won't just stop making episode based on Dawn once she is done with GF. They have to make something out of her story so she could tag along. Worst thing was Jessie's contest(that occurred in Seashore episode), they could have given her some little screen time too rather than focusing on a COTD meanie boy who was nothing but headache. We didn't even found out which Pokemon Jessie chose for fighting.

    As for the fillers so far, we got a lot of random fillers which could have been omitted. And the best candidate was James's treasure chest one. Its okay they wanted to give James some screen time but why now. They had whole of DP but what they did was insert a stupid filler near the end and now we are short on episodes. We will be getting a rushed league and rushed SL just like always. I always wanted to see a GF\SL of at least ten episode but guess I would have to wait another gen.
    I got that point much earlier actually and now I can say that by development you mean not only Pokemon getting the desired screen time but also learning moves, getting chances to fight in a gym\contest and league\GF too.
    When we talk of Togekiss, it is getting one contest under Princess and one GF under Dawn so overall it will be developed. But seeing the time line, aren't we short on time already? They should have introduced Togekiss somewhere before Volkner intro and after fifth contest. This is the time where Dawn should be preparing for GF not solving problem related to her new Pokemon. All these fillers could have been used to extend the GF\SL time but now what we are getting is Togekiss development. And you might not have but we haven't seen Ash centered episode since that Flint episode. And also after Bertha episode they will again move the story to Dawn. You can say that they are giving time to her as GF is appearing but I am sure that they will also give her episodes after GF too.
    You are handling your friends with care now. So is that Grotle evolution just a speculation or we have a proof. I thought poor Grotle will get its own episode to evolve.
    I wasn't mad at you I merely didn't understand your reasoning is all. I understand why you'd feel the need to be defensive though given that this is the internet and stuff like sarcasm for example that would be easy to identify with in real life isn't so easy to be able to tell by on the internet.

    The ironic thing is that contests aren't even a huge part of the games like they are in the anime. You don't get to have battles, nor go into a huge, league-like, Grand Festival, so why the writers felt the need to make it into such a big thing than it actually is in the games I'll never know. They could've just as easily promoted the contests in Hoenn the same way that they had promoted the Bug Catching contest in Johto by devoted merely ONE episode to it (which was all it had deserved IMHO). They could've kept Misty on in Hoenn, and made May into a recurring character like they did with Casey in Johto who was the character used to promote the Bug Catching contest in Johto. That would've pleased both fanbases IMHO, and we'd have less flame wars about Misty on here at SPPF.
    I just wanted to say that if you believe that the reason why the writers rarely made May lose contests because the concept of contests were still fresh & new, then WHY on Earth did the writers have Ash lose so many Gym Battles during the Kanto season? Hell the whole show was fresh & new during the Kanto season, let alone the concept of gym battles.
    I never thought that Ash could get a Snover. It was part Grass type and ash can't have two grass type Pokemon. My guess was a ground type and Hippopotas and Gligar were the only two option to me. And I was quite happy when Ash caught that Gligar cause Gliscor has most random movepool and I like that kind of Pokemon. I had doubt with Chimmy as Paul had Chimchar and so I thought maybe Ash won't get a fire type(he had none in BF) or it could be Magby line which was nearly impossible.
    Well the girl next gen will get the grass type starter most likely. But there is also a possibility that she will end up with a Pokemon apart from Starter just like Ash's case as they are making the sidekick story more like Ash's story. But fire starter are always kickass thats why I wanted Ash to have Fire starter. Torkoal was not that exciting to me but it was nice fire type altogether. But if Ash catches this new Pokemon(I find its name quite weird so I am not calling it by its name) then dark type curse will be broken and we have something kickass in the team as well. Ash get one Pokemon of that kind in one team.
    In Meganium case I think its not made properly. I mean it is just a copy of Bayleef, just some little changes here and there. Its obvious that they didn't worked too much on Meganium.
    And I don't think Pokemon category has something to do with its evolution. I am not saying this because Totodile didn't evolved but because writers are developing Ash's character and hence more of his Pokemon are evolving now. Charizard was a mistake(as it didn't obey) and real story started in Johto with one evolution on whole team and then AG got more evolution and DP got most. So if Ash gets water and fire type starter next gen(I am 100% sure he will get water one) then they will evolve fully and water type curse will be broken.
    Hey I remember you once stated that middle evolution of starters are never famous and thats true. Before games we are eager to find out who will be the new STARTERS and then as we start the games we just want them to reach there final form so as gain power in game. So middle evolution are always less focused even when they take nearly same time to evolve as first evolution. In the anime its the same story, we want Ash to get the starter and then we want ash to get finally evolved starter. I mean people just loved the fact that Grotle will evolve even when before the Opening they were just fine with Grotle.
    Last year there was only one gym badge in original series(dub got two, I think) and there were three contest. I know contests are new and all that but I think they are pushing this fact too much. Who wanted to see her lose that much. Episodes after episodes they were heading to cities where contests are held and I found that pointless. I think Ash came to know about Sunnyshore twelve episodes after he defeated Candice.
    As for Houndour par, I have to agree with you but when it comes to evolution then I like Typhlosion better than Houndoom. Its a competition between Kickass and Badass and Houndoom is a kind of loser in anime(maybe because it is always shown with bad people) but Typhlosion is like raw power.

    P.S. I always wanted to see a Typhlosion roar in anger but never got a chance. The Typhlosion in special looked like a gay(no offense) Pokemon to me.
    Actually I am big(maybe biggest) Fire type fan. I care most about them and this time they gave the fire starter a lot of screen time and thats joyful for me.

    I think Sinnoh lost many conventional Pokemon anime stuff. I won't list them but you should have noticed that it is quite different sometimes in bad ways. Actually I want to list on of them-They are trying to make the sidekick a main character and that I hate the most. I mean if all of her contest are to be counted then totally she did 8(maybe 9, I don't care) while Ash also has eight badges. If we count one rematch then its 9 so that means a sidekick is getting same attention as Ash and I don't like it.
    Well the server are overloaded and the problems will grow when the Pokemon is revealed as then people will try to compare it other Pokemon more like they did with Lucario. But at that time people also stated that Lucario was a legendary. I am not speculating more on that stuff cause there is no use but ur idea of Houndoom evolution is unique, I didn't heard that before.

    As for cute part I only consider Pokemon cute when it is cute and strong. If it is cute and weak then I don't care like the case of may's Torchic or if it is cute and ugly like Piplup.

    But I surely like Chimchar\Monferno the most in ash's Sinnoh team as I have never seen another Pokemon with such a determination excluding Corphish who didn't knew when to accept loss.
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