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  • Screen name change is not allowed in this version of newsgroups. BMGf offers name change but somebody already took my SPPf name before I signed up there.
    I forgot to tell that most of my friends have already left SPPf.
    I think out 200 people only 50 are still here on SPPf and I am close to changing my screen name.
    And about deleting Friends Request, go to edit your friends list and uncheck the top box on anyone's name and save changes, the request or friend is removed.
    Yes, I'm quite cool indeed.

    Yes, you can send your friend request, and save me from losing my time XD.

    And yes, I knew you were joking and I love llamas as well. I was also joking.

    Yes, I sigged your quote because I thought it was funny.
    I found it quite weird that Ash-Kid just VM me after you did.
    Is he keeping an eye on me?Whatever!
    Ash-Kid was in my friends list but we had a fight and we are not friends anymore.
    I mostly make friends by firstly talking to them and if I find them nice then I send them requests or they send me one. Rest is upto you. If u think he deserves ur friendship then its ok.
    Your welcome! :)

    Pay no mind to haters, your posts are fine to me.

    You are right, I am a contest fiend! I love Dawn and May, as well as all their rivals. Ironic since Misty is my favorite girl, and I loved every battle she had, more than any contest battle.

    I also love Gym Battles and Leagues. I don't talk about them as much as contests, because contests need more support. I've loved what they've done with Paul, Barry is awesome, and I'm so looking forward to Conway.

    I think Ash is awesome, and I loved Gary, which he never retired.

    I love Misty, Dawn, and May in that order. Jessie is another favorite of mine.

    I also love it when we see members of the Elite Four, mostly females though. I just enjoy their personalities, pokemon, and storylines better in general.

    What about you? On Gyms, Contests, Team Rocket, Favorite Main Girl?
    nice idea. But if I do Entei then I can't forget Ho-oh and other legendaries.
    We were thinking about it like all fire type legendary in one banner. I mean Ho-oh and Molter flying while Heatran and Entie are battling on the ground.
    Hey how r u?
    Your first thread is a hit.
    Mine was too.
    I am working on a banner for Fire type group. You got any ideas? I am asking many friends at a time. 5ilver is also helping.
    well i did get all 3 starters in kanto, but i didn't trade with anyone, i just got yellow version after i finished blue lol

    i refuse to get dragged into the penguin marketing ploy as well :p

    good job getting to the second round, bet i couldn't even get on the show if i tried :p

    as for hobbies, i constantly get told i can't make a living off playing video games, but that doesn't stop me :)
    so yeah, i went on youtube today and remembered i completely forgot to reply to your message lol, i wasn't exactly looking at what you were, i was watching pants on the ground, don't watch american idol but it was pretty funny :p

    as for starter, i don't play competitively (mainly cuz i can't get wifi), so i just go for the one that seems coolest to me, so far its been squirtle, totodile, torchic, and chimchar

    as for the sig you're original enough for me, who lacks creativity enough to not have one :p
    I play a little bit of keyboard. But I am not that big of a musician. However I do want to learn string instruments from Guitar family someday.
    Do u know Chinese? I heard it is a tough language.

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