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  • Actually I skipped this evolution cause I don't like watching fillers that much.
    As for screentime it doesn't matter how much they provide Monferno, it will not be enough.
    But I am wondering what happens in the preview which I am going to watch now.
    lol, people will just think you got the gingers have no souls thing from south park, and with a starter as awesome as chimchar, can't blame anyone for not picking piplup, even if empoleon is a great pokemon :p

    but i gotta say, the things you come up with for your sig are hilarious too
    You'z are forgetting the Discovery/National Geographic Pinguin frenzy that was March of the Penguins... THAT pretty much gave it away that the world leaders had made a deal on pinguins being prominent in every type of media we have. Next thing we know a pinguin will win the American presidential elections for the republicans with Palin as vice president. Does anybody remember the movie The Faculty? Starring Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett? There was secret shot in that movie with penguins in the background, conspiring with the aliens! Proof that penguins are just aliens in disguise, trying to take our little souls away.. well.. gingers aside..

    Disclaimer: I'm NOT racist towards Gingers. In fact, I support gingers, they are proud of their hair color, and shouldn't be treated differently. I have more then one friend who is a ginger. They don't mind being called ginger, because that just shows that the person calling her that is an ignorant ****.

    Sadly.. I am racist towards illegal penguin aliens.. Damn you all to a sunday afternoon hoedown, darn penguins!
    Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Dutchmen.:p anyway i want to say your summary of the last episode was great. don't you think that buizels win was a bit cheap?
    So I had some match ups in mind regarding Ash vs Paul league battle before Gliscor left.
    Pikachu vs Magmortar
    Grotle vs Honchkrow (who could have thought that the turtle will evolve all the way)
    Buizel vs Ursaring
    Electabuzz\Electivire vs Infernape (I think Paul will evolve Electabuzz after seeing Ash's Infernape as Ash is always ready for revenge killing and Monferno has a due battle with Electzbuzz)
    Staraptor vs Something thrilling (maybe Gliscor but I don't think it will be Weavile anymore)
    the last one is most shocking i.e. Torterra vs Gible( I can't see the small Dragon beating a beast like that even if he has powerful moves like DM)
    So Gible has spoiled the balance of Ash's team. It is obvious from opening that Gliscor has low to no chances of returning. So Gible will be the one getting OHKO'd unless it evolves or Ash replaces it with a reserve like Snorlax(and that would be interesting). A bear wanting to pick berries from a huge tree by thrashing it. Or Heracross, we all know what it will do if it sees Torterra.
    You reached 100 post, thats nice.
    I was wondering are you really new here cause you look much more experienced.

    So do u think Gible has a slight chance of evolving before the league? I think Buizel, Monferno and Gible all can evolve before the league. Gible can pull out a Snorunt and evolve during GF with just one problem, Gabite looks like Grovyle and we already have a Grovyle thats Buizel. A jolly Gabite might do the job.
    I hope gender of all team is told. So far we know Pikachu, Buizel, Staraptor and Gible and they are all male. But its nice to have a male Gible as Cynthia has a female Garchomp already. So do u think if Gible evolves all the way then we won't see Charizard again?
    As for Internet I think there is some problem with SPPf as well. It doesn't load that fast now maybe because lot of user are online at same time during this time of year(due to holidays).
    I was never a fan of Chimchar/Monferno, and I got banned because I bashed it.
    Now, it's not the best Pokemon and I don't love it, but I can live with it.
    And personally, I don't want Monferno to evolve in the League, but I think it will.

    And something that makes me a little mad at somebody, is that they want Monferno to get more and more screentime, and he already had enough. It's fine that he defeated Fantina, but they could have made Staraptor take down Candice.

    And against Volkner, the four, Monferno, Pikachu, Grotle and Gible is a must I think. But if they make Volkner get 5, it's hard to choose between Staraptor and Buizel. Both can do well.
    You should start using he for Gible instead of it as its gender is confirmed and this makes things easier to understand. Maybe Gible is weak but he has strong attack and he needs time to get stronger.
    As for Noctowl it is supposed to be boring as most of Birdies are boring just like the bug types (except for Heracross). As for gible I think it always get tired whenever it uses Dragon Pulse and as of now both time the move has missed. Its animations shows that he has to throw up the Dragon pulse and maybe thats the reason. Anyways I totally like his movepool and even if it is not that great like Gliscor it still has something about it that make it one of a kind.
    I do agree that Monferno and Buizel are good candidates if he they must choose three.
    And now that Gible has recently been captured, maybe Gible should be the last member.
    But I think Monferno should maybe be spared and then come back in a rush in the league. And then get a little arc with himself, wanting to defeat Paul.
    So Pikachu could take Monferno's place.

    And I think the Pokemon on the Sinnoh Team (Except Pikachu) that has devoloped the least, is Buizel and Staraptor and obviously Gible. But I think they have something in store for Gible.

    Anyway, Charge Beam seems like Thunderbolt and nothing can replace Thunderbolt, I think, since it's almost being used in every episode. Brick Break, is a move that can break Light Screen and Reflect (You probably already know that) and Paul's Electabuzz knows that, and they have a little rivalry, so it could be good, right?
    Well, I think Ash's training has been quite good too, in Sinnoh and Hoenn.
    Staraptor looks stronger and more powerful then Swellow, but I think Swellow is more speedy and can deliver more fast attacks.
    And about Grotle, I think it will never become a solid defence Pokemon.
    Some of Ash's heavy Pokemon (Snorlax, Torkoal and Grotle) are being seen as super fast.
    And I think Corphish is a powerhouse, and just a bit stronger then Buizel.

    And I totally agree that Pikachu has been shafted.
    I think it has done one good battle in Sinnoh and that was a filler I think, and that was versus Raichu. Pikachu should learn Brick Break or something, just to redeem himself.
    Hey how are you?, I really didn't mean to bash dawn me and waterpokes were just discussing are opinions.
    Well, some people just spam to get more postcounts.
    I won't mention names, so yeah...

    Nice long post. More then some people post in the Anime Spoiler.
    To me, Dawn was way too cooky and too much of a brat.
    To me, Dawn is ruined because of that, also duo the fact that her rivals sucks (One-Shots rival is way better!!!) and because her Pokemon is not interesting at all.

    May has great Pokemon, great rivals and she hated Pokemon, but grew to be one of the best. Also May's character is better then Dawn... not really a good reason, but it's true 8D
    I've heard that Avatar is a great movie.
    Some of my friends even said it was the best movie ever!
    And it's good to see some people here that isn't a total spammer.
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