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  • I have always been annoyed by the fact that all those rappers used one of Bonzo's finest lick. I am a huge Bonzo nut you see. Now I came to know that the Pokemon company also used it and don't know what to think about it.

    What's the topic of your thesis? If he is giving you a lot of trouble then, well actually I don't have any suggestions here apart from talking(?) to him.

    Wasn't expecting this and I am not sure what to say here, maybe, Congratulations!! Best of Luck to both of you, well the three of you.

    That's the reason why I left in the first place. I kind of grew out of it. I haven't seen an episode since, I think, the second gym battle and I don't feel bad about it. I do keep up with the show but that's it. I wonder if it had something to do with BW though. That season made a lot of people lose faith in Pokemon and humanity :p
    Same here. Wasn't too keen on Zard coming back yet again but Zard-Y made sense but with Ash-Greninja, which is hyped up to be even more rare and elusive than a Mega, there really is no reason to bring Charizard to upstage Greninja.
    Still don't get the obsession with Ash getting Zard Y, especially now that he's getting what's essentially a rare Pokemon power-up that'll probably be on par, if not surpass, Mega-Evolution
    Either way, if you wish to discuss staff actions, please take it to PM. Such discussions aren't supposed to be public.
    It's a 10 minute wait, and it only happens those very few times there's a break and we didn't get the summary from TV Tokyo's TV guide the day before.
    I agree it's annoying that it's necessary, but it's caused problems before. You'll live.

    (not sure why you're bringing PK' into this, though, he knows Japanese)
    It was me, though it was done to prevent someone from "being helpful" by Google Translating the summary that was going to be posted alongside the preview before a proper translation could be posted.
    Oops. Sometimes I post the VM on mine instead of others. Your 3rd slot was Venomoth.
    Your question was moved here. You can check in your recent activity if your post was deleted or not.
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