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  • Im personally pretty surprised how a guy from the 1950's got internet access, let along an interest for pokemon.

    the worst part is that he doesnt even seem like a troll, just a guy hopelessly unfamiliar with gender-politics.

    anyways, point taken, just gonna ignore him from now on.
    You do have to wonder why Luxio wasn't included in the calendar though lol. Especially since it's captured a couple episodes after Pancham.
    Hey man, not much, how are you??

    No I haven't. I remember seeing a picture that had the groups pokemon on it plus Pancham so that might be what your talking about. It's probably somewhere in the Serena episode thread...
    I see then, that sounds cool. Really? Lame...

    I'd feel the same way. He was? Who wouldn't? Mine too.
    But a champion need to be OP though. xD
    Yeah, I really haven't. Yeah I do. Really? Sounds cool.

    You mean like the OI saga of the anime?

    So there's no VS Drake battle?
    Living in the Dutch mountains? In de provincie Limburg dus? :p Anyways, goeie pot van Oranje vrijdagavond. Nu België nog door tegen Algerije... :)
    Yeah the no Brave Bird thing was because I didn't want Talonflame to have it instead of Flare Blitz.But if you want to see my Brave Bird moveset it would be the

    Razor Wind
    Steel Wing
    Brave Bird
    Fire Blast or Flamethrower

    And I agree with your "Possible moveset

    Also which would you prefer Fire Blast or Flamethrower?I personally would want Fire Blast since it's never been used in the main anime before unlike Flamethrower which is overused
    True,I understand what you mean but I personally want to see Talonflame have FlareBlitz so that's why I have it in the move set I wrote previously.They could give it Brave Bird and I wouldn't mind,but personally I want to see it with Flare Blitz.

    And as for Team Speculation for Ash.The team I want him to have is :

    and if he catches a 7th pokemon maybe a something from Hoenn or a Fairy type.So I think Mawile would be the best choice for him

    The "Best Wishes" Speculation :

    Pyroar or Sliggoo
    Charizard(comes back) and replaces one of Ash's pokemon

    I won't actually quite the show if the Best Wishes Specultion happens but I would be extremely dissapointed since I wanted at least Phantump or Avalugg to be on Ash's team.Hell even if they don't join I wouldn't mind as long as Charizard doesn't come back until they reach the League or post-league

    I too don't want any member of the Goomy line to join Ash's team.I personally think Serena should get it just to fulfill the powerhouse pokemon slot that all the previos female companions had(Eg:Gyrados,Blaziken,Mamoswine and Dragonite)
    Yeah your ideas are interesting.The double recoil will definitely not work since it would require Talonflame to go into a melee fight and it needs at least 1 or 2 range moves.And the good thing about Talonflame is that since it's part fire it can learn a few range fire type moves which are Overheat,Flamethrower, and Fire Blast.

    And I also agree on Steel Wing staying since it's quite strong and as you said a physical move

    I see the writers giving Talonflame these four movesets :

    Moveset 1: To me it seems like the moveset that has the most chance of happening

    Razor Wind(I like this move and it lets Talonflame have at least one range move)
    Steel Wing
    Flare Blitz (which used to be Flame Charge and substitutes Double Team, I see them giving him this move since it's very popular on Talonflame and quite strong)
    Aerial Ace(it's a very popular move on all of Ash pokemon since Swellow appeared and it is a good move to replace Peck) or Acrobatics

    Move set 2: Seems like a moveset that has the most chance of happening

    Flamethrower or Fire Blast(to replace Razor Wing)
    Flare Blitz
    Steel Wing
    Aerial Ace or Acrobatics

    Moveset 3 : this is the moveset I see the most unlikely

    Razor Wind
    Flare Blitz
    Flamethrower or Fire Blast(replaces Steel Wing as a range fire type move)
    Aerial Ace or Acrobatics

    Moveset 4:Most unlikely moveset

    1)Razor Wind
    2)Steel Wing
    3)Flamethrower or Fire Blast(replaces incinerate which substitutes for Double team)
    4)Aerial Ace or Acrobatics

    I don't see them giving Talonflame two special attacks,I just see them keeping one which will be Razor Wind or Fire Type Range attack unless they go for the 4th moveset I showed which to me seem unlikely because the chance of them giving Talonflame Flare Blitz is quite high.Also I want Talonflame to have Flare Blitz instead of Brave Bird since Brave Bird is already taken by Starapter .
    Thanks for the summary, just got to reading it. Oh man, that all sounds cool :( Don't wanna pay another $14 to watch it again in theaters, so I'll just wait til it comes out in Blu-Ray. Did Wanda and Pietro have the same outfit they had in the set photos?
    Or did they have different clothing? I don't mind Quicksilver not having the stupid thunderbolt going across his chest, but I would like it if Scarlett switch got her comic outfit, you know, the skintight red spandex with the cape and weird helmet. I guess the helmet would be taken away. Hawkeye probably didn't get his because of the giant stupid H in the middle haha can't wait for GOTG next!
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