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  • Hi, yeah, I am unable to trade for the next few days because I will be out of town. Would you be able to trade Wednesday at 10pm PST? I will have your tentacool and dratini ready for you then.
    I will agree to this deal if you trade me 2 dwF chanseys for the 2 different dw females that I am trading you. Sound ok?
    Loki: Unheard of (re: Shiny Eevee)! I have not seen a naturally occuring, or, frankly, even a Masuda-method bred shiny pokemon since catching one Way Back When while playing the original Pokemon Silver on the GBColor (I am OLD)! Awesometown.
    As an aside, I looked further into the RNG manipulation for fishing pokemon last night, and it's Way less complex than I at first thought (I was just not using the right pull down menu!). I'm going to give a stab tonight at creating an RNG'd, quasi-perfect poliwag with hidden power grass [as well as the egg move Encore], and it if works - we should talk! :)
    I deal with anybody who asks. I see the whole community as potential costumers and I will try to meet any requests I get :)
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