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Last Activity:
Aug 4, 2014
Feb 20, 2011
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Turn Around

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Sith Lord Victorious, from Turn Around

LokiTheGengar was last seen:
Aug 4, 2014
    1. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Hello, since you are interested in the RPG Project Gijinka and PokeLegend has abandoned it, I will be re-doing it under my ownership, would you still be interested? I'm a very active member so their won't be the same issues as there is currently. Let me know!

      Thanks, Zero
    2. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Hey Loki, I'm going to need that sign up by today or tomorrow, or you may not be able to join my RP.
    3. LokiTheGengar
      But his power just didn't work since it was limited to whatever bugs he could cram in his suitcase.
    4. Robotic Wind
      Robotic Wind
      I thought.beezlebub was very interesting and.could be very useful for the villains...oh well...
    5. Robotic Wind
      Robotic Wind
      Think you might return,to TTN?
    6. Grassmaster411
      Sorry, but you've been inactive so long, your character in TTN V.3D has to, unfortunatlt, been suspended. By that I mean you can't post until your more active and repost your sign-up. Its not permanent, so when and if you want to come back is up to you.
    7. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Alright, no problem. My main goal is to make ENDoG look like the good guys and make the Freelancers look like violence-loving terrorists. Time is against them, and the last thing they need is for all of the general public to be against them also. Simply put, if they never find grounds on which they can use to convince others their cause is right and better than what they have now, they can never win. >:D

      As far as the legendaries go, most of the general public barely knows they exist. You might as well try and convince people that Bigfoot and the Loch Nes Monster are direly important and need to be saved as well.
    8. Grassmaster411
      The meteor thing is the only thing I'll change if I ever get to writing the fanfic. Other than that, I'll keep Epithemus alive and going.

      By the way, would you mind posting in Teen Titans North soon?
    9. Grassmaster411
      I'm fine with his timeline remaining intact, and his friend existing at one time. My fanfic would focus mostly on my character, Kra, the troodon. The only problem I have is that the metorite 0that killed of the dinosaurs bit. In reallity, only 40-60% of lfe on earth went extinct whenit hit, and thats how I would like to keep it.

      Sorry if it happens, but Epmimethus might not live long in this fanfic. When he threatened to blast Kra, he lost any trust from the dinosaur. Most likly, Kra will just find a way to turn him off temporarily, not permanently.
    10. Grassmaster411
      Remeber the time travelers RP we were in a few months ago? I would like to know if its ok with you if I use your character in a FanFic
    11. Grassmaster411
      Then I'm going to ask you not to do it. BlackIce needs to remain a bit of a mystery to the group.
    12. Grassmaster411
      I don't know. What do you mean by "he wouldn't care? and of course, even if the fly is their, how can it tell him The Phantom was there or what was said?
    13. Grassmaster411
      Just a heads up. The RP is up. Post whenever you can.
    14. Grassmaster411
      got it. you're all set
    15. ninetails012
      yaaaaaay! another fawful fan :3
    16. Killer_Squirtle
      Well... No. Darklings are extremely strong, even on their own, so being "taken out" with a single stab even after a prolonged fight would be difficult. Sorry, bro/
    17. manaphy72
      aww that makes me sad. okey dokey
    18. manaphy72
      you have been inactive in clan darkwoods for quite awhile
      if you dont reply in the next 24 hours you will be removed from the clan sadly.
      But if your removed all you have to do is register again
    19. Pokefan0234
      Random question, but did you happen to base Andy off of Gary Bell from Alphas? =)
    20. Maree
      I created a discussion thread for the RP (:
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    Turn Around
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    A Modern Atlantis- Bioshock/Doctor Who crossover (FINALLY WRITING CHAPTER 3! Will post soon!)
    -When a perfectly mundane trip to the ocean floor causes the Doctor and his companions to discover an underwater city, they find a utopia that is anything but. (Rated PG-14 for language and violence)