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  • Well, the only thing I would really want right now is the perfect Absol (perfect being shiny, male, super luck, adamant) But this is something like what you want, so you would be keeping the first one that turned out as such. If it would be something you wanted to do then sure, but I don't want to bother you. Anyways, how've you been?
    Lucky! I got about another month left :/ I still usually have time to get on though. Still no Ho-Oh.. how much longer can it take I mean really... its been forever and a half already.
    Hahah well, your lapses keep getting longer and longer :p Anyways, I had started soft resetting Ho-Oh about a month ago and still no shiny....:/ I am starting to get discouraged ):
    AH! I got it! Its minee! Finally! My own shiny Cyndaquil! I am soo excited, it seemed like it would never happen, and I almost missed it when I flipped through the starters! I kinda wanted it to be a Totodile just because its my new favorite starter, and I always pick the fire starter.. but I guess it was meant to be :p I can get on with my game now, sorry for babbling :p
    Well, its my birthday today.. hoipefully I'll get some birthday luck and finally soft reset myself a shiny.. my fingers are starting to hurt already! :p
    Well, I'll be soft resetting Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Entei, Raikou, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.. eventually :p
    Yes, because its three tries at once, so it generally goes faster. I'll be soft resetting pretty much all of the legendaries... will definately take some time :/
    Lol, that's not the case for me, so, won't be doing that! :p I got both HG and SS today. Decided to play out Heart Gold... been soft resetting... no luck as of yet ):
    Lol hmm, its not that it would bother me, just wouldn't want other people to know its there if you know what I mean :p
    I'll be getting mine on Saturday. Then I'll start soft ressetting for a shiny starter... hopefully I get either a Cyndaquil or Totodile.. cause I'm not sure I'd wanna play through the game with a Chikorita... even if it was shiny.. And, with the Pokewalker, does it make noises when you're walking around, cause I'd like to take it around with me but not really notice that its there, ya know?
    I don't think that's the case, I believe it just has to be the first time you encounter the pokemon. Because I want a shiny Raikou and Entei, so.. I'll have to figure that out. I wonder if the pokemon is in the area that you are, and you save and shut off, if it will be in that spot when you turn the game back on....:/
    Haha that will take an aweful long time, considering you would have to go through the whole thing over and over, which is really long each time. I'm also wondering if you can soft reset a roaming pokemon?
    Alright sounds good. I finally got a TRU Arceus yesterday so I'll be able to get one of the legendary dragons on HG :) my birthday is soon so I'll get HG and SS then! I don't want to wait anymore! :p And, you got your Pikachu coloured Pichu right?
    Yes.. it is quite weird looking, but I needed something to soft reset for while waiting for HG and SS, and I like Registeel the best out of the regi's so thats why. Although after a straight week of soft ressetting, I kinda slowed down a bit.. still no luck. Still RNG'ing?
    No no, I'm soft resetting on Platinum for a shiny Registeel (still) /sigh. And I haven't gotten HG and SS because I am waiting to get them for my birthday, so I don't have to buy them :p so, I'll have them pretty soon :) btw, the lapses just keep getting longer :p
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