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  • Aha. You wouldn't believe the accelerations that I've started tracking over the past several weeks, and certain tidbits yesterday might've soured my mood a bit. If it's any help, my instincts may have ended up going on a tangent with a prospective showdown between Serena and Clemont on one side... and Team Flare on the other. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    I'm not an idiot. I'm saying hypothetically, making Pearl prevail is not impossible.Erm, deep with Amour? I highly doubt that.
    Nothing's impossible. I'm sure that Pearl will prevail over Amour. I'm also sure that there must be other intelligent Pearlshippers out there. Pearlshipping is truly a ship that appeals to intelligent people, because it has so much depth and meaning, not just triviality like Amourshipping. I guess it's time for the new generation of Pearlshippers to show the world.
    Very professional. We're trying to revive Pearlshipping. And do you think my analysis is alright? I'm asking you since you're my Pearlshipping analysis idol. Your analysis made me think that Pearlshipping is the most intelligent ship.
    Well, I've been busy, but I'm back. We didn't have much to talk about last time, but what I've done now, is make a new Pearlshipping website with my real life best friend FinesseMalkin, who's on here. The site is: pearlshipping-datacore.webnode.com
    Do check it out! It's of good quality.
    Acalmou um bocado, foi so uma ou duas pessoas (que nao costumam postar muito) que trouxeram o topico.
    Mas se bem que uma comparação da Dawn com o Kenny e da Ash com a Serena podera ser vista.
    Heh. You wouldn't be the only one. My younger brother tells me that he managed to defeat Kalos' Champion, some woman named Diantha. It's enough to evoke this past weekend's most recent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, titled "Rarity Takes Manehattan". You might not have to guess the atmosphere there. Are you doing well for now?
    Sim, mas eu acho que poke é muito forte devido as pessoas que deixaram de ver e pensam que o ash acabou com a misty.
    Indeed, and to think that my past support for Japan's culture of cuteness pointed me to my current online activities. This morning proved a most solid episode on my end, as I typed on Equestria Daily, and the other bronies have their attention turned toward the pony introduced. How are you on this first weekend of the Year of the Pony, er, Horse, to go by China's zodiac?
    Ja vi quem era, duvido que seja mais do que daqueles que fazem um post e desaperecem para a eternidade.
    The one in my sig is one of the first I made. I always thought it was the worst. My new ones are based on songs and they're more cleanly edited.
    Talvez seja um bocado por causa da nostalgia, mas a voz nova dele e muito pior >.<
    Qual deles ? Entraram tantos novos xD
    Back at you.

    New question. I remember reading somewhere that in Japanese animes, the main character always gets in a romantic relationship with a childhood friend. Serena = Ash's childhood friend, to a degree. I would say more like acquaintances but meh... Is this true?
    è a unica coisa que eu tenho saudades dos 4kids, é voz do Ash com a Veronica Taylor, se bem que secalhar e um factor de nostalgia.
    Agora para Portugues (ambas delas), apesar de correctas, eles parecem forçar demasiado as vozes >.<
    Thanks for yet another long reply! I have been busy - Christmas etc. I have another question. You know you said that May wanted to say goodbye to Drew alone? You know when Dawn waves goodbye to Kenny from the ship when it goes past the lighthouse, and then Ash asks her where she has been (Hehe discreet Pearl hint) and she just says "Oh, just staring at the beautiful blue sea" Does that mean anything?
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