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  • Sim era mesmo a voz! Acho mesmo irritante >.<
    Se bem que a dubragem brasileira nao seja assim tao boa tambem xD
    conheces um site chamado de wareztuga?
    Quando puderes vai la, e ve a voz dubrada para portugues da Dawn, é muito irritante xD.
    Não sei é como é desse lado do Atlântico.
    Ah, what a cooincidence! ^^ Aldo i have some trouble understanding brazilian portuguese :/
    The avatar is from her cameo at the Bw saga.
    The dream of it becoming a propper anime :/

    (btw is the dubbed voice of dawn there as annoying as on here ? >.< )
    I didn't get why the lyra cameo xD, i think many people like to encare the anime more like a propper one, instead of something to promote the games :|
    I'm from Portugal and you ?
    In here is a x-mas bonanza, day 24,25 and some families even day 26 celebrate it!
    Talking about Lyra, I saw someone suggesting a Lyra cameo were she would be mad at Ash for not being with Dawn :b, thus it is even more unlikely than a Dawn cameo.
    Well, that is one of the strong points, they such a close bond and don't even notice it, but after the Lyra arc, maybe Dawn understood a bit :b
    btw, merry x-mas ^^
    Still, people that heavly support other ships, normally consider Hikari as Ash "best friend", so they also know that he was different to her.
    But, let's face it, staying up all night, under the moon, while gliscor trainned (for example) isn't "best friend" material only :b
    I am doing well my spirit of pearlshipping hasn't waned much since the end of DP I just refuse to believe that after all that build up and work they would just drop her in Johto never to be seen again. lol. I can't wait to get my manga in the mail its just the first volume though i have to order the 2nd one.

    It's good to see pearlies come back because for a little bit it was a 4 person forum whereas Amour is like flying off the handle so many people jumped ship.
    The power of SatoHika brought back xD never deny that immense powah loololol

    btw as you promised me and Gina, YOU HAVE TO WATCH SNK dammit. Get into the fandom c;
    oh, my bad then, I remember he told everyone to shut up, something that leads me to believe that he wouldn't do something like that to Dawn :b
    They only figthed twice, and he was the first to apologize first in both of them, people that say that Ash wasn't different towards Hikari didn't saw the same show as me ^^ (and you lol, and all Pearlshipper :b)
    In the late ag/BF he was already pretty close to DP self (example: telling everyone to shut up in the.... 8 gym? I think)
    But he was both, more mature, better battler and a "nicer person" lol in DP, aldo, well, atribute that to a certain Blue haired girl ^^'
    I think they didn't like that the comical focus went all to Takeshi, but Ash need that maturation (and that team), so anime fans could compare him to other strong trainers on "parallel universes".
    Ash was a child before DP, let's hope that in Xy he picks his brain up.
    Even worse than OS lover, are the people who say origins is better than the anime lol.
    Thanks for the Pm'd long reply. It really reassured me that Kenny is not a thread to Pearlshipping. It would be an insult to pair Dawn with the likes of him anyway. Hehe don't worry about the "wall of text" I'm a fast reader.
    I'm also glad you noticed my sig. Yes I like to make it known that I'm NOT an Amourshipper. Someone once posted on the ClemontxSerena thread that "no one disliked Amourshipping." Just wanted to show that there is a minority out there that don't like it.
    Yes, Serena's portrayal really irks me. She seems not so much her own character, but she is very much defined by Ash. I agree with your point where you say that she is "stagnant." I guess Amourshipping seems like a massive threat now but apparently the hints are already wearing off. I don't know for sure since they're still showing the BW episodes on TV. That's what you get for living in the UK.
    Oh yes. Amourshipping is as canon as Pokeshipping. And look where that ended up. That's why I'm not caught in the hype, as well as the fact that I'm a firm Pearlshipper. May I ask you your opinion on the Kenny issue that is always discussed when it comes to Pearlshipping? The note Dawn left him could be read in many different ways. Could I also ask you what you think Pearlshipping still has as leverage over Amourshipping?
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