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  • Ugh, game Serena is probably the worse rival yet (even worse than Bianca >.<) She is so Bland lol.
    I agree with you, the anime shouldn't be stuck to the games, it is when some imagination clicks and we can see a propper battle (Yeah he is gonna attack, i will take but attack after it -> games), the anime shouldn't be like that.
    As for the cameos, well, if they bring her just to boost ratings, i wouldn't mind. (btw i would preffer DP remakes to R/S/E)
    I noticed that people who normally bash on Hikari/DP saga, normally have has their favorites a certain bland red-head girl and the OS saga ("Ash had no feelings during DP" according to them) >.<
    I have a feeling that PokeMaster366 is referring to Dawn and Ash's separate losses, whether at Solaceon Town or against Paul. If it's any help, that scenario of mine also had a more substantive role for Ash and Dawn during the Spear Pillar showdown. As for this franchise's earlier days, looking back, I realize that I was gaining enough confidence to figure out how I'd play through Johto myself, so I was getting an idea to get into Pokémon Gold and Silver... around Christmastime 2001. You don't have to guess what happened to derail that plan.
    Actually, that's why she reminded me of that aforementioned trio... very much unlike, say, Team Rocket. Of course, your description of any "stagnation" could match why I chose to have that scenario of mine end the entire franchise back in Unova. I recall a visitor message exchange I had with PokeMaster366 exactly seven months ago about this time, in which he explained what he considered to be couples with external conflicts and couples with internal conflicts, such as Pearlshipping. I believe he referred to these as "Shounen"-type and "Shoujo"-type pairings, with Ash and Dawn being the latter. I imagine that Pokéshipping would thus be the former in this case, and if it's any indication, said scenario concluded with Misty firmly paired with Tracey, among other fortunes. In any case, I'll consider Serena my last remaining conundrum with Pokémon to end this year, which could say plenty about my overarching shift in attention these past two years.
    Hehe. If it's any help, bemusement appears to be my main emotion when it comes to any matters involving Serena... alongside sheer shock when it comes to examining the hype behind the Amourshippers. On the other hand, I worry about just how much heartache my overarching scenario for ending this franchise in Unova would end up inflicting on Serena once she realized just how close Ash and Dawn had become by the time it reached its climax near the Undersea Temple, as a diminutive taste. You can consider that an unanticipated aftereffect from my support for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Perhaps to explain more carefully, Serena happens to evoke some similarities to Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, those fillies aspiring to look for their own special talents and cheer for their hometown at an upcoming event known as the Equestria Games. For my part, my fellow bronies are cheering today's episode, leaving me with an alert mind. How about you?
    Glad you're back for a while. Back when I was a novice Pearlshipper I always read great analysis on this thread. That analysis was probably yours, and Facescar's. They really helped me realize that Pearlshipping was the ship for me.
    What i hated more of BW Ash was he forgetting stuff like counter-shield and the spin :S
    Really hope they bring that back in Xy (And possibly with a Dawn mention/Cameo)

    Hikari is adorable in any way, even more than Serena :3
    But in the Hikari arc Ash was OoC, sure he always asking to battle againts her, if they had him ask her to support him at the league would have been perfect!
    Xy is being so similar to Hoenn in the pace, saddly with no contest is hard to give the female companion some relevance, which is sad with all the build up they gave to Serena.
    I didn't meant he was going to be a co-star, May wasn't a co-star but was a secondary-lead, by that i meant she got way more focus that the other group members, which i think will happen to Clemont too.
    I think Serena was introduced to the group too quickly (even some amourshippers say that), so her build up was rushed.
    As for the writters, since DP has been a downfall, hope some of the episodes can make up for the BW saga, even Hikari's cameo was rushed up, and they put an ex co-star to the sidelines to "glorify" Iris >.<
    There are even KennyXSerena shipping starting to appear in pearl fics ^^'
    I like the XY group too, Clemont being a second-lead instead of the gen-girl was actually quite nice to see :b
    Oh Brock, he was so mean the Dawn and Ash, but he knew what was going on (Lyra arc) but still didn't seemed to push it. :(
    You ran out of Pm space LOL

    Well, amour has potential, but for me Serena is the Ash's Kenny ^^.
    She likes him but he doesn't really care lol, tbh for me it's both the least intressing new companion and the one that interacted the least with Ash (With just 10 episodes).

    Still amour is cute, but i doubt it will top Pearl (but in fandom and in myself lol)
    Phew. Talk about a year for my memory. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's fourth season is kicking into gear, and my fellow bronies appear to be supercharged about this upcoming Saturday's episode. Are you doing well in your corner of the world after your birthday leading into these last days of 2013, if I may ask?
    I couldn't agree more. Shipping wise, I think the writers are giving Serena a push, but I also want to see more of her dream side too. I thnk there is something interesting for her character development in the series.
    Serena is obviously making effort to it, like any other/typical girl having-a-crush on a guy. As expected to Ash, he rather thinks it normally like any other friends would do, not realizing what another pokegirl is implying when it comes to the crush thing. I guess it wasn't that new, since almost 4 series had passedXD
    Indeed. I can still find Serena's crush on Ash one-sided like Misty's. And I agree , it's important to balance things out, applying moderation when it comes to ships.
    The series was just starting though so we could probably expect different plot twist and surprises. I find the Kalos gym leaders really interesting. Too bad, I got no 3ds. I wanna play Pokemon XY so badly!!!XD
    Yeah, ikr? I mean, Before the series even aired or haven't started yet, the whole shipping fandom for them is pretty strong and you could see the discussion and activeness of the thread which is not that surprising, I was , too in some ways. You're right, with at least 7 episodes, it's quite obvious how the writers made Serena's crush a whole lot obvious towards Ash. Tell me about the flashback that really does shock the fandom itself on how they have met back then. I was screaming crazy and fangirling about that moment and yet i find it a bit sudden how they actually meet before.

    Indeed, Ash is dense, oblivious but indeed he's not idiot. For his age, I think some may have felt the same way,and he might not really know how to act upon it, or how will he respond to it. . and I like that -- that way, Ash's being not too focused on love is simply the attitude I like about Ash. It's fun that way since pokemon wasn't a romance theme anime.XD Sometimes, I think Ash might realize those kind of feelings but not really thinking that it's already a thing they called crush. Anyway, Serena is a pretty cute character. The whole pokemon xy group was simply an interesting group. I kinda miss Cilan and Iris already ;_; and also Misty, May Dawn, Brock, May and Tracey..
    It's ok..That's nothing:)
    Woah, that's pretty good that you're in your holidays already. That would be a good time to relax yourself from those tiring and sleepy days in University. It's worth it to say the least.
    Your are very welcome. I really miss pearlshipping that's why since it's your otp I tried making some banner (though I apologize for the rush edit)XD
    Yeah, Me too. Amourshipping is really interesting. Specially that flashback scene in ep7. Even so, it is not my otp either. Being a multishipper is quite fun now that Serena's new in the group. I also have an eye for Diodeshipping. Ash and Clemont's friendship is cuteXD I think Clemont would be my favorite character in their group as far as science is connectedXD I'm sooo weird.
    [ Happy Birthday lokoduro!
    I couldn't say more about thatXD
    You know, when that certain failure came to your life, it seems disappointing making me to shift courses and doubt myself back,.. it's hard making the right decisions yet shifting could cause a whole lot of money spending and time wasting..so It'll be a waste if I give up so yeah, go forth and keep moving forward they sayXD
    Thanks. And I guess that's the least I could do.
    Woah, seems to me your schedule is kinda tight..you seems to be pretty busy around these days. Well, good luck that. A little patience reading and understanding those papers would do.

    Oh woah, your birthday's near. Advance happy birthday!
    Oh I know exactly that kind of feeling. XD University works are pretty tough ..plus the hectic schedules and pile of exams coming ahead. It's been some months huh? since the last time we actually VM each other.. I've been inactive here too then yeah, I saw your postXD
    Yep, I've been taking Chemistry as my major. Things turn out to be a downfall for me lately last sem but here I am standing up again and willing to continue this course. (For some reason I want to take up animation if things are going to the bad side..XD). I've been having cold. Man, I can already feel Christmas.
    Fairy a magical random type that was founded when they saw a clefable doing something weird and hurting a Dragonite pretty badly xD
    Ok let's look at type elements again, shall we? Dragon, Bug, Fairy are ALL in the same position. They are nouns, not an element. So I don't see what you are aiming for there. :p
    Yeah and Fairy just gives Dragons one more weakness. It's not like it'll be 4x weakness like Ice, and a lot of Ice Pokemon are slow.
    Fairy is unique. Waaay better than Light-type.
    In myths, fairies can slay dragons with their magic and weapons.
    I can see it. :p Both are mystical beings. Makes sense they would be pitted against one another.
    LOL give it a few years and you'll be used to it.
    Haha Hydreigon is even more. I actually really like this concept. <3
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