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  • And Facescar posted a whole translation of the song "In Your Heart Lalala" in the past. I think Dawn is singing that to someone...
    @Adelaide1994:When you want me to answer a question in your profile,just say so.I didn´t refresh page so i didn´t see the second post.
    @ccangelopearl1362:Nice description,I´m excited to see how things will relate to each other in the end xD.This could be dumb...but here it is,question:So at this point I´m assuming that you know japanese language,yes?This year I´ll star japanese classes finally!!!
    I need to start putting "@" things to organize,this is getting pretty messy :X.
    That is why I think SatoHika is the most PUREST ship in Pokemon. Its all based on the "romantic friendship" that the trainer from Pallet and the coordinator from Twinleaf share. I remember one Contestshipper saying "well, they dont shar;e any roses, so its not such a great coupling". I responded "Roses arent the only way to show romance in an anime or real life". Besides, Ash giving roses to someone would NEVER make sense.
    Kotone said in the original:"They like each other" with a proud smile of "I knew it!"
    That kind of light hint is what Pokémon shippings are made of.And Pearl...couldn´t be more complete and unique in this context.
    And about making SatoHika in another anime....I´ll really simplify because this would be big:Satoshi loves to play the hero,in many animes there is a true hero,more than just a trainer that occasionally is involved in world collapsing issues.Desperate matters for desperate situations...if Satoshi risked his life more often I think Hikari would think twice before losing a chance with him(considering what Satoshi means to her in Pokemon anime).And even if he was the classic oblivious hero...after a kiss,Canon.
    SO,yes I could see PS happening in another anime.What Pokemon SatoHika songs express...is what would happen in another anime.
    Currently I´m interpreting "In your Heart Lalala" song,and "Hikari´s theme"...trying to see Satoshi´s presence there.
    I understand. Perhaps I should start with When the Cicadas Cry's entry into my memory and end with Friendship is Magic's impact, given the timing involved. When the Cicadas Cry, known more generally as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, is considered one of the scariest Japanese cartoons ever made, centered on an isolated village with a very dark curse that has ended with quite a few brutal deaths... from such things as crucifixion and disembowelment, which could be overcome only through trust and forgiveness between the main characters after the terror and powerlessness that they'd endured leading up to the finale. It first got my attention at around Halloween 2010, and even now, remembering the events within the show is enough to send a chill through my mind, such that Higurashi -- along with a different anime program that started in everyday existence but ended in horror -- has purged from my system any thought that I had of horror as a viable genre to watch.
    Well....this IS a difficult question.I don´t agree with the last statement,I think because the writers did this to more perceptional(I think this is the word...oh well I sux =S) people.
    Like books,movies or any type of human expression,they leave things for the world to interpret.
    The hug was intended to be interpreted this way that you did for more mature audience...children don´t care for hugs or anything...The possible SatoHika hug was deleted not because it was a children show,but because of the fans that support other shippings or the traditional/nostalgic fanbase...that can´t open their minds for such a thing,you know?Just like racism(to a lesser tone of course LOL).
    The writers found a safe way to display SatoHika shipping other than screaming..Hikari:"I love you,Satoshi!" and Satoshi saying something like:"OMG IM NOT RETARDEDLY OBLIVIOUS ANYMORE,HIKARI...I LOVE YOU TOO!"
    I find it disappointed in a way,mainly because I watched Avatar The last Airbender and was since the beginning supporting Katara and Aang shipping,and that show is an example of why romance can be good for cartoons...but then again Pokemon=100000 episodes,Avatar=61 episodes.But in some way...I find the light way of romance they gave SatoHika really good.
    hey Lokoduro, do you believe that if Satoshi and Hikari were in any other anime that showed romance, do you think it would have been official by now? I believe that Piplup and Pikachu's hug was basically the expressions of their trainers. I believe that the writers did this on purpose because its a kids anime.
    No,definitely not.You can proceed.
    About the ending...yeah,but I think it would be out of sense that Hikari would win in her first try,even if Nozomi did(I think she is older though).And would demolish Satoshi´s character...I mean it would be like:Yeah,Hikari owns and Satoshi sux.ANd Satoshi only won because he never quit,he don´t have skill but have perseverance.
    In the anime they overestimate the titles of Pokémon Master and Top Coordinator...and even if Top Coordinator=Win the GF,Pokémon Master was never explained.And now they have added "Champion Master" term.
    I think they are "preparing the scenario" for a different level.I mean...they are pushing the "winning the league" thing much more than before,Shooti is forcing this and the episode with the Champion too.
    Correct. Pearlshipping is actually the first Pokémon pairing that I could wholeheartedly support because I figured that the positive energy flowing between Ash and Dawn made these two kids a perfect contrast to Team Galactic's world-ending agenda and Pokémon Hunter J's brand of ruthlessness. Indeed, I would've been perfectly content to see Ash and Dawn end their journey through Sinnoh together by winning the Sinnoh League and the Sinnoh Grand Festival, respectively, having one final encounter with Sinnoh's main legendary Pokémon at the Spear Pillar, and finally going on to wherever their next adventure was, thereby enabling Cilan and Iris to step up as the main characters for Unova. Incredibly, after I spent most of 2011 exploring several prominent Japanese cartoons on my own, such as When the Cicadas Cry, Code Geass, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi -- while also keeping an eye on Wishfulshipping -- all of those shows had their own roles in helping me add an American cartoon that has genuinely stunned quite a lot of people since its premiere in October 2010 into my memory: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Would you mind if I explained further?
    I think many people were impressed by BW TR plot.
    I don´t want to bring spoilers so I won´t tell xD.
    But if you dont mind spoilers I think I know one thing that impressed everyone.
    well at least i don´t need to search if DP had good audience,because in japan it is clear that it was the most popular along with OS
    BW series probably would be a total failure if it wasn´t for the unexpected HUGE success of BW games and its reception by the critics
    Satoshi being a complete mental retarded is actually funny(kinda depressing too)....the champion is hilarious,tomorow I´ll try to watch 5th gym battle.I think it is correct to say HUMOR is the reason it is watchable,DP didn´t have humor in all episodes(although I think some epic characters made DP hilarious too),but it had the best plot.If BW picked the pace of DP and the humor of the most awful series ever:johto...then i´d prefer to shoot myself from watching.
    I think yes,I´ve seen it in a brazilian site that posted often DP´s and BW´s audience rates.
    DP were at top 5,sometimes 2nd.
    BW is struggling in the top 10...sometimes it dissapears from the list xD
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