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  • More like melting from heat even during the night here xD.
    television programs,you say?
    I think not just Satoshi and Hikari "romantic partnership"(I think you got it right...that´s the best term for their interaction) could lead to some extraordinary observation,but many things in the anime.
    For a child intended show,you can dig up many things hidden from most people´s eyes.
    I can go for hours interpreting every little moment...and recently,I noticed many things that took my some views to realize that.
    Ah. Greetings, new Pearlshipper. I am in the middle of reviewing some of the television programs that my observations from Ash and Dawn's romantic partnership have led me to support, so to speak. I think you'd be surprised at some of the twists and turns that have occurred along the way... especially a more recent development. Are you doing well in your corner of the world so far?
    Continuing the Bw thing...
    I think the writers were like:"let´s do 3 gyms in isshu really quick then we start slowing things down,so that it doesn´t get a repetitive pattern"
    After some weeks:"OH ****,look at the audience rates...let´s speed up things after the 4th gym again"
    Result:BW70-6th gym battle
    Comparing to other,excluding Kanto because it was intended to end there and end quickly:
    Johto:107 episodes ater the start of their journey in Johto.6th Gym
    Hoenn:AG85.6th Gym
    Sinnoh:DP108.6th Gym
    The end:
    Johto:157 episodes run
    Hoenn:133 episodes run
    Sinnoh:191 episodes run
    What I expect:BW(at least until the league):100-110 episodes run
    BUT,I need to see when does the 8th GYM battle happen to get a better prediction.
    8th GYM to League beginning:
    Kanto:11 episodes(It was filler training in Masara Town...it won´t happen again)
    Johto:12(the famous filler series...nothing to explain)
    Hoenn:15(grand festival was between)
    Sinnoh:4(grand festival was before,and the last couple episodes were rushed)
    I expect Isshu to be between Sinnoh and Kanto(5-10 episodes)

    My theory:Another filler series will begin after Isshu League,I mean 6th Gen won´t come before Sept 2014.That´s the opportunity to Hikari appear.
    "It just proves that she had deep feelings for Satoshi. There IS NO DOUBT about that."
    DP146 made me say the same thing...with a little adjustment:"it just proves they have deep feelings for each other"....if someday Hikari gave him a kiss,I think he would react very positively.He is oblivious as ever,but I think he had some kind of different interaction with Hikari,even if he doesn´t realize that.
    Yeah it sounded like I was pissed of...it was intended to be a light joke about what people(not you or anyone here) tend think about brazilian stereotypes,but the truth is...it was a joke,I´m not angry or anything.And I got what you were trying to say,but no...I just read brazilianguy´s posts,so I don´t really KNOW him.
    About SatoAi,I´ll hold my answer till a later date.Like DP180 came out of nowhere and failed miserably...I can guess that it isn´t going anywhere,but I can´t SAY FOR SURE that it is already ruined.Who knew that they would do the extreme changes that they have done in BW?
    I too think that it was a huge mistake getting rid of Hikari.BW isn´t getting very good audience rates like DP times,maybe BW changes facepalm´ed many japanese fans.
    The point is:They planned Hikari to be an advertisement for DP games,but I don´t know why they made the character so important and so developed.In the end,they thought they could get rid of her because she had done her main purpose.I guess the writers are somewhat stupid...since it didn´t really worked the way they thought.("We get rid of her and in the next episode everyone will be thinking that BW is the best!")
    Sometimes they make strange decisions.Why after an extensive,well developed(and successful for the ones that matter:japanese audience) they do a series that is fast-paced,wtf,and comedy show like BW.
    I guess some things don´t have explanation.
    I dont see SatoAi interactions getting anywhere... Its one of the reasons why I wish Dawn had remained for Isshu... Idc if she was TOO similar to Ash. Getting rid of someone who skyrocketed the saga to success was a huge mistake.
    Well I have the name because I used to live in that city,..... in Australia... long time ago. Dont be ashamed to watch and play Pokemon.. I think youre overreacting. I only asked whether you have heard of brazilianguy because he is another brazilian pearlshipper.
    hmm...responding to something that i didn´t read:
    I don´t think Negaishipping is a threat itself,but the thing is...What Negai has to offer as hints.
    It sounds confusing,but it is something like...what was unique to pearl was that support and overexcited mode Hikari in Satoshi´s battle.Imagine if Iris starts to react just like Hikari in the league....wouldn´t it just ruin what we call "a hint" or at least something to be pointed out?
    The fact is,Negaishipping started already saying:NO,IT WON´T BE CANNON!"
    Pearlshipping started:"hmmm we didn´t see something like this in quite a while,like in Kasumi times,I think I should count this shipping as possible..."
    But if Negai start to have the same things?I mean...for the ones that saw BW51(not counting TR vs TP as episodes)...I think they shared some good interactions together.
    So if Negai has many hints but since the beginning everyone was like:Not possible..
    So PS is any different?
    The point is:the threat is not the likeness of Negai becoming cannon ,the problems are the hints...that won´t get their relationship anywhere(SatoAi) and could overshadow some PS moments or "types of interactions" that were unique until recently.
    Maybe I´m smoking too much...but i think this theory is more valid than negaishipping cannoness,or stalkershipping cannones(alternate name for penguin,did you like it?it suits well xD),or even Kasumi undeniable love for Satoshi.
    I followed PS in the anime for 2 years.This thread I started viewing when my holidays began,if I had followed this thread for that much time....I wouldn´t resist joining for much time...since Pser were as positive was they could be.(PK negativiness didn´t help after DP180,Facescar came and got back the thread on the road)
    this could be a dumb question....but your nickname...it is your name or the city you are from?
    Brazilianguy...not personally(or could be some friend that secretly likes children´s shows like pokemon...I am a little ashamed of myself to watch pokemon,but I face pokemon like science,children can´t see the true meaning of SatoHika relationship).
    but back to the question...I read his posts.Actually...I read many pages to catch up with the opinions of Pser
    Ive only spoken to two brazilians(including you) on this forum. There was a guy who was really active and wise. His username was Brazilianguy. Im sure youve heard of him since you said that you followed this thread for 2 1/2 years.
    MICHAEL JORDAN I LOLED HARD HERE!!!(In a good way,i´m not bashing master jordan,never!)That was really funny,thanks.That made my day xD.(It´s 1:30 am here...so pretty much it started now)
    Yeah people tend to think that brazilians live in trees or in beachs like Rio,and are like monkeys.But the truth is...IT IS LIKE THAT xD....joking.
    I´m wise because I was training personally by famous people like Sun Tzu(he only is 6000 years old..but he is still a good teacher)
    THis is funny, but Hikari is like another Michael Jordan. They can NEVER EVER be replaced. I dont care how great Iris is, but she pales in comparison.
    yeah she said something very confusing...she could have said "we cant be together with satoshi and the others",I think she meant that this day would come but it doesn´t mean she can´t stay with satoshi and the others in the future.
    "and the others"....she is in an emotional moment and she just said satoshi and the others....no love for takeshi?it is different from saying to a random person that she is travelling with "satoshi and the others"...she is saying in a private conversation with her first pokemon,about not only satoshi but the other that cooked every freaking meal for her and for her pokemon.IT really means something.
    yeah I think(no I KNOW) they won´t bring no Hikari 2.0 to the anime...she played a role that can´t be replaced,it was something none have done before and something that will never get back.Proof:Iris.
    I mean her co-star or maybe star role in DP and her interactions with the main character where unique...I thought they would never do something like that to someone that had many marketings purposes behind.(You know,Diamond and Pearl games....she is just like Haruka in that way,even her Platinum outfit had to be displayed)...that is the error...maybe she was TOO important for the anime in general,her departure had to be really forced...they couldn´t find a way...Nozomi was important to her,but Satoshi was more.Kengo is her friend,nothing more....she won´t stalk him to whatever region he goes.
    SO they finally found the answer...in many aspect what brought Satoshi close to Hikari was their personality and their chemistry,she is very similar to Satoshi in various aspects...Piplup evolving issues in that episode made Hikari just act like Satoshi...in the end,what she said to Piplup when she realized everything,was what Satoshi and not much other people in the anime would say.(I really could see Satoshi in her place that episode).
    That was the key to make her leave,she is focused on being Top Coordinator just like Satoshi aiming to be PKM Master and like him...she would do anything to her Pokemon,and she did...she saw an opportunity in that thing about Buneary.Satoshi always looking forward,wouldn´t really say something like:NO!DON´T LEAVE ME!I WON´T ALLOW THIS!"
    But in the end,we saw how much Hikari was saddened by his departure...just like Piplup was about everything.
    She said to Piplup early in the episode:I will be lonely too.And you will only without pikachu(like she was replying this:I will be lonely without satoshi,but like you ONLY pikachu...ONLY SATOSHI parallel...)
    After:We can´t be without separating from Satoshi and the others forever.
    and what pearlmasterking says is valid. I think the only reason SatoAi is popular because its new. THats all. I dont see it being a threat at all.
    I really wish Dawn hadnt left.. Its like they just decided to throw her out for unexplored reasons. They threw away a relationship that cant be replaced. There will NEVER EVER be another Pearlshipping. EVER. Negai doenst compare.
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