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  • WOW That´s awesome!I thought so,I´ve read a lot of posts saying that in japan that ship was really appreciated,DP original version did push well PS.High Touch is an undeniable hint.
    yeah that would be awesome....check out my newest post to see my expectations(more like a fanfic) for a surprise appearance of Hikari.
    I couldn´t care less about the dubs nowadays...in the OS dubs made it too far already:
    Misty:"One day we will be married too",Jirachi movie:Ash:"I miss one girl from my past" or something like this...in the dubs they don´t deserve their original names either xD
    That guy was the best. He was one of our best analysts of all time and probably is in the pearlshipping hall of fame. Dubs made that dp180 look like a complete penguin episode. Dubs made dawn say kenny was "handsome" *facepalm*.

    But dont get discouraged with the prospects of dawn's cameo. Lets just hope for the best and that Tomioka Atsuhiro writes that episode.
    Wow this is common sense so.I loved Facescar analysis.I read a bunch of pages to see his posts.Loved the DP180 discussion,i thought it was very realistic...come on,you can´t compare AG187 with DP180...it wasn´t Kengo time to shine...just to redeem himself,because he was indeed a loser after the GF...so they made his sendoff nice for him....but in the end:Jasmine:"Only you can choose your destiny,Hikari"...yeah...she chose.Even Kengo winning the battle,it wasn´t enough...maybe she would have gone with Kengo if it wasn´t for what Jasmine said.(Proof:I think she copied Jasmine phrase and put it in the letter)
    I too love to make analysis,so when I find something interesting I will post in PS thread.
    and I agree. Black and White was a great game. I try to ignore nostalgia, becaus eit just holds me back from the future.
    Yeah,High overrated could be the words...it had emotion,it had humor but it didn´t have DP epicness.I don´t see the point of not liking the first DP episodes though,DP 1-4 were really good...I think it was sufficient for me to say:"well this is good,maybe I need to start viewing new generations more open-minded".Nostalgia really is something that irritates me,what´s the point about that...it´s like when you were 5 year old,you used to play mario,zelda and pokemon on your nintendo and than you look back there and you think:"good times,i need to play these games again just because i liked when i was a child".
    I say HELL NO to nostalgia,I still play pokemon because I like,even if BW had some wtf pokes,it was a good game(really nice soundtrack and plot).
    Lokoduro, most Pokemon fans unfortunately look for only humor..... not a great plot. Ive been making this observation for YEARS. The funny thing is that many DP haters Ive conversed with have only seen the first 2 eps on the saga... lol. Theyre too nostalgia drunk to ever open their minds to exciting stuff. Also, OS was highly overrated in some ways. It was good, but not the best..

    Dont take that poll seriously.
    OMG...I just saw the DP vs BW series poll and BW is winning...come on...what the hell is going on with this people?DP was the best Pokemon series,because it was Pokemon,it didn´t go "off-topic"...OS had fillers and emotional episodes that could be on in any anime series,AG made the first step in the anime identity so it was a bit strange compared to OS,and DP finished what AG started and BW is more about humor.I like BW humor,but really?what about the plot?TV series(besides comedy series) are always about the plot...I loved the Pokemon part in DP as much as I loved character development.Maybe people just want to laugh at Pokemon and at Satoshi´s stupidity these days.
    Thanks for the welcome.I live in Brazil,so the big holiday is from december to march,that´s why I´m active,too bad most of the people have their holidays in the summer in the northern hemisphere xD.
    Anyway,I didn´t really mention the good part of the end.Maybe after this you can view the ending in a good way:
    I loved DP191,it is one of my favorite episodes of all times.It is near the epicness of EP001.It gave me more hope of Pearlshipping,even if it is the last.Satoshi an Hikari´s interaction in the beginning are more natural than any other,it feels like they are the best friends ever and like the enemy of pearl(kengo) is nothing more than other rival of contests.Hikari ignored her mom to wake up the person that means a lot to her and that hours later will be leaving.The one to get emotional first is Pochama,he really is the image of Hikari in a pkm,a little less dense than Hikari(like Pikachu with Satoshi).This was the way the writers found to make the episode related to Pokemon and don´t force too much.In the very ending,Hikari realized what was coming...just like Satoshi did in Kasumi departure(but in that case I think it was because of both,Kasumi and Takeshi,they were like his friendly parents...japanese version seemed like they were confirming Pokeshipping "one sided forever" canon).When Hikari said "Wait,Satoshi"...I was like "yay, the moment that we were wating for!"...nice high touch,and they couldn´t make Hikari kiss Satoshi or hug him,so they made their signature pokémon hug each other.It is satisfactory,I liked it...the last part was really good,Hikari was about to cry and then..."Daijobu!!"...this,this was really good.It isn´t romantic exaggerated episode,but it was epic for pearl.I like the fact that Hikari is like Satoshi,she didn´t seem to demonstrate that she loves anyone,but she really liked Satoshi...and vice-versa.For pokemon anime I think this is enough for me to support a shipping.Let´s face the fact that Satoshi won´t be dating anyone ever,even if Kasumi says that she love him.Yeah and that´s my opinion,pearl made it very far for this anime and I love pearl.
    Long Live Pearlshipping!
    I know what you mean,but I´m still Satoshi´s fan,and Dento seems the character of the series,even Old School Takeshi can´t match Dento´s epicness.
    Yeah,I´ts like....I watch the new series and end of the story.There is not much to explain why I still watch it after the facepalm of Sinnoh League,I just watch.DP was the series that made me go back to Pokémon Anime,I saw on TV the "Haruka vs. Hikari" in Wallace Cup...and I was like "WTF??Two new girls??Takeshi new design OMG?Is that Satoshi?",I finally decided to see from the beginning until DP.Yeah,it was really time consuming thing.I remember to be in the middle of DP in Brazil(OMG I hate dubs nowadays,*"kinda handsome" comes to my mind*,and the VA in the USA is worse than in Brazil,really)and one of my good friends told me the ending of the league that he saw in japanese(my reaction was like...).Anyway I kept watching because I loved DP.
    There are 3 aspects that made DP ending a bit disappointing:
    DP180-It came out of nowhere,it was a fail to the writers.Even the ones that control the anime couldn´t pull a rapid Penguinshipping almost cannon episode.In the end I think they did the opposite,Penguin Fail and Pearl Win.So why am I disappointed?Because the episode made no sense at all and it was really forced...and even if they couldn´t do it,it was obvious that their intention was to pull a "Contestshipping 2.0 episode",too bad SatoHika bond is stronger than the producers intentions ;D
    Random Legendary Trainer-Yeah...it proved that Satoshi was capable of winning the league if it wasn´t for him.But in someway I feel that he was necessary to keep Satoshi in the anime.
    Hikari´s departure-Why?Really,why?After all that happened,why?The final episode version of In your Heart Lalala made me cry like a baby.It doesn´t seem that the writers care about fans,Hikari was very popular in Japan.And they trashed contests when they were getting epic.
    I mean.... I was crestfallen after how DP ended. Pokemon writers are just too cheap. I lost faith in the anime after how the most well constructed saga in Pokemon history came to an inglorious end. BW is a total travesty IMO.
    I totally agree. I wanted Ash and Dawn to leave together at the end after accomplishing their goals. I was shocked after seeing Tobias. It felt like a slap in the face after watching how he just One hit KOed EVERYONE in the Sinnoh League. I followed DPreligiously.
    Well,I think we´ll never have a series like DP again.All series had its flaws,OS had fillers that I couldn´t stand,Johto been the worst...and Kanto didn´t really had battles(Sleep=KO),but I guess it was the beginning and it was classic.AG...It changed everything,anime based on the games,Max ruined the series pretty well...I think Battle Frontier was better than the Hoenn League.Then DP took out the flaws of AG massive changes and it had everything:development,Hikari,emotion,complexity,humor,and great fillers.
    BW is...strange.Not much Old School Pkm...Iris is irritating,Dento is funny.In some episodes I ask myself:"Is this Pokémon Anime?"...I don´t really know if Satoshi was kidnapped and replaced with a retarded clone,honestly I´m watching it because It´s really funny(Satoshi´s mentality is laughable) and because the main villains are the badass TR.But unless Satoshi return to it´s DP strategies and win Isshu League(or make it to the Final,and lose to another legendary spamer),I´ll consider real Satoshi´s story end in DP.
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