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  • I deep down inside believe Pac is still walking this earth today. He had a hit on him, he knew the Illuminati or whatever the fuk you wanna call them was after him so he made the media think he died. Just research his 7 day theory stuff man, it's some twisted stuff. He gave us hint after hint.
    Yea same, don't know if you knew or not but I'm a rapper so I got a big state of mind. I'm thinkin about makin a song about it or somethin. I'd probably get killed by the Illuminati because they wanna brainwash us but I got a mentality like 2Pac.
    I just got to thinking about something and I don't know what caused it. Imagine if all computers were shut down permanently and all generations 10 years before us were wiped out in the process (20 years old so people older than 30). How would we react to that? I think we'd be completely lost because were incapable of thinking. Schools don't teach you to think, they teach you to get the answer now how you "got" the answer. We rely so much on technology for our answers than "thinking" to figure out the answer. But if it were to happen what would we do? Who would we turn to? Who would lead us? Would we all be followers? Or would we start learning to think instead of "asking" for answers. We wouldn't have internet for our answers nor would we have guidance. Pretty interesting topic if you ask me.
    Well, it is a good debate thread, get the congress involved lol yea that would be bad. Hey man you should check out EGC (ever grande city) forums. It's really laid back with the friendliest staff you'll ever find on a pokemon forum. They're so lax that most swear words aren't censored and it's super super hard to get an infraction. Like if you get banned there's something wrong with you. They'll just give warnings after warning lol from other peoples understanding.
    Oh yeah? I probably wont be posting in there again, and don't know why. I don't even really like this forum too much. I've been chillin at EGC lately. But I might return sometime in the future.
    really sorry about that ay, i kinda presumed that with the settings i chose, it would make all pokes lvl 100 or something loam. THough clearly im a noob lol, terribly sorry about that bro
    It keeps saying that you fail to respond?

    We'll try again , if that doesn't work try resetting your ds and ill do the same?
    lol rightio i can battle now if thats all good with you.
    Ill add you fc now and if you didnt ad mine this is it 2022 7770 7941
    yeah true ay, well i've just created a mono-type team and im looking to try them out ay and unfortunately some of the pokes in it fall in ou.
    I rarely ever battle ay , i just wanna try out this team.

    Its up to you though.
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