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  • Thank you SO much for all of those Apricorn Ball females that I didn't even ask for. Thanks to you I have a lot of updating to do in my shop! I really appreciate your generosity! Some of those HA Pokemon I traded you have Egg Moves or IVs, so I hope that's helpful.
    Oh goodness; a 13 hour difference. You must live in Australia or New Zealand! Well I can't trade for another 5 hours or so because I'm about to leave for a job interview. I'm eating breakfast right now and you're probably going to bed soon. That's so weird. I might be available around midnight your time tomorrow if you aren't available in about 5 hours.
    I'm only keeping them until I can trade for legit versions! Kind of a motivational thing I guess ahahahaha. I'll need to get those two out of bank then but after that I'm ready to trade if you are.
    Ooooh yes, I'd love some more bank balls. I've gotten some new ones as well.

    Also, I forgot I DO have Keldeo + Deoxys, but I guarantee they're hacked because I did that myself (I didn't realize events don't count towards shiny charm, oops). They were legit looking enough to go through poke transporter, but I understand if you don't want a tradeback for those.
    I have almost all of those legendaries you're needing. Only ones I'm missing are Cresselia, which I think I can get in White 2 (which I have!), and Deoxys + Keldeo.

    I'm not sure on what trade evos I'm missing, only one I'm sure on is Slowking (which I have). I'll have to check later! I'm working region by region and I'm not done with the Kanto region yet ahahahaha
    What legendaries are you missing for Shiny Charm? I've got every non event legendary I was missing before.
    A few of them are Dream Ball females, yes. Thanks! :) Send me a VM when you can trade. I'll be out of town this weekend, but I might have Internet access. I'm not sure yet.
    Hey lolzkidudz! I finally have all of your HA Pokemon bred. There's quite a few of them! Do you still want the legends you requested? Let me know when you're free to trade!
    Well I guess I'll hold electric dog hostage while you make it forget the hm move hahahaha! I'll give back Suicune first though. That's really weird though, I didn't have any problems having it traded to me.
    Ok that is REALLY weird ahahahaha. I don't know what's up with Zapdos. If you can't trade it back, how did I trade it to you??? Game, you are weird.
    Do you need Palkia + Dialga too? I have those as well and I don't thiiiink I did before? I'm unsure ahahahaha.
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