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  • Ugh using my computer is becoming a struggle. I can manage to get MSN up, and the internet for a while, but then the internet just doesn't work anymore. I'm on a laptop right now. I might just buy my own laptop or wait until my birthday and get one.

    Anyway I'm gonna go underwater for a while. How do you not drown under there? So many plot holes...
    Nah don't worry about it...Charmander SRing is going OK I guess. I'm at 500 but really I should be at 1500 today since I wanted to do 100 SR's each day...and I started on the 15th Feb! I'm a whole 1000 SR's behind! But I guess I have been REALLY busy lately...

    Anyway, Good Luck on the Carnivine hunt! If I remember rightly, you got bored hatching them before didn't you? Hope you get all the motivation you need!
    Yeah it backfired. I'm on a different computer now and mine just won't open the internet. The memory usage that the internet is taking is over 80,000 and it should be like 10,000 at max.
    Current? I'll just assume so well I'm MMing me a Clamperl/Lotad/Abra keep alternating lol and will probably go for an Iron Cave RE.
    Yeah a few days ago I started messing around with a few places and it works there too. I can't remember the details but with a lv.34 (I think) and a repel you can only find Steelix and onix and Mawile about 70-80% of the time. The rest of the time you find Gravellers ^-^
    Thanks! That's kind of annoying now I was really hoping to half the chances of finding a shiny there. I noticed that if you bring a lv.13 Pokemon and use repels all you seem to find is whatever dual-cartridge you're using (for me, seen as though I use Ruby I only find Seedots).
    Are you online? I can't tell because it says your last activity was 7 minutes from now. You're like, a time traveler or something.
    Thanks. It was really awesome. I haven't gotten a rush like that since I saw Quarantine (Horror movie Junkie). Congrats on your Wooper, (Not sure if its recent I just saw it in your post)
    Yeah I'm counting! But so far I have not been huting much and I'm only on 310 SR's...*sighs in shame* I'll go and do some now!
    So cute. I'll use it now, thx!
    Oh yeah, forgot bout the credit. Can you put your name like: shiny card made by: LoneStarAkira at the bottom with small font?

    Well, if I have an idea in the future, I'll let you know. So far I'm satisfied w/ a simple card. Maybe I'll use the pokegear. Did you make it by yourself too? Cool.

    Good luck on your hunt!
    Got to 3000 sr something for the Mudkip.
    Yeah, 30% is still pretty good. Boy, Route 102 has some awesome pokemon. I want Zigzagoon, Poochyena, or Lotad the most though. Oh, Wurmple too. Poochy's such a cool shiny, too, I would've considered using it on my team if I had been able to catch it. Oh well, I'm going to stop complaining about it. I'm really not that upset, I'm actually glad that I finally got to pull off a live encounter. (Phew, this is on your page)
    I posted on my own page AGAIN!!!

    I don't have my HG with me, but I'll start there Sunday. I actually wouldn't mind a shiny Chinchou either, although it wouldn't be as cool as getting one underwater in the 3rd gen. (That would actually get me all the legs of the shiny circuit except the weather chaining, although I'm not really in that competition and I think it's over, isn't it?)

    Shellder has a 30% encounter rate there, according to Bulbapedia.
    I'm still on the file the Poochyena appeared on... Good times, right?

    This seems old school, talking on VM's again. Especially since I posted on my own profile AGAIN.
    Ugh, Spiritomb. My friend and I sat there for 20+ minutes going up and down underground on Diamond to get that stupid thing >< It's a nice shiny though. I've got too many targets, I think. Ho-oh, Unown, Route 102, Shellder, and maybe Mudkip.
    By the way, I would suggest doing 2 RE's or 2 SR's, not one of each. If you do one of each, you might end up SRing on both :D
    I lol'd at Wooper frowning. It looks good in the love ball, too. I'll have to wait till Sunday for the video.

    Oh hey, the video worked!
    Yeah, I'm looking at them one at a time, this computer is so old. It's working quite well though, except for the video. I'll have to wait until Sunday to see it. Oh I also bought exactly 99 Premier balls for the next shiny haha. Think that will be enough?
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