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  • Hey, I want to be on your PM list for the Sinnoh Journey. You want to be on mine as well?

    My story is called Connected Worlds 2: The Rise Of The Demon Lord.

    It's a sequel to the first one that I wrote called Connected Worlds (obviously lol)
    and you can view on it on the "threads started by Mr. Pong" on "Statistics.)

    Oh, and if you're gonna make a comment about the first one, don't do it, because the story hasn'e been commented on for more than a month, and I think the mods will get mad.
    I posted the first chapter to a fic I adopted recently in the non-pokemon fics sub forum. Please read and review if desired
    Lord Aggron,

    There's hope. ^__^

    I say that only because you are speaking with the TRUE hopeless romantic. Congratulations to you on falling for another. You are fortunate to know that feeling. Good luck to you in Oklahoma and I can only hope that this feeling can bring out the best in your writing.

    I wish nothing but the best to you and thank you for your support!
    Yea? I read ch 13 on fanfiction.net and I also believe I read it here too (can't remember if it was your story or not)
    Well, you certainly earned your grades for this semester. Relish in it for now, but don't forget to keep it up for anything! Good job, man!

    Alabama had a great run during the year, but seemed to fall apart at the seams when they came across Florida and a more experienced Tim Tebow than a year ago. This time, I do think it (the National Title) will go to Oklahoma, but it will likely be a shootout with high scoring. Had we had a playoff, I'm sure that Florida and Alabama's paths might have crossed again, but we still are not at that point and will have to wait for a true championship decided on the field for at least another few years.

    Again, glad to see that the 1.1 has changed and then some. Good luck to you in the next ones to come!
    Hello! I know you're a shipper, so would you be interested in being part of a story that focuses on the shippers of SPPf? If you're curious, feel free to read here. ^^ If not, then sorry to disturb! ^^;
    Oh, that's just great to hear, man! Keep up the good work with your grades.

    1.1 at the time of grounding? Eesh, no wonder you got grounded. Good luck with literature and keep in touch with your teacher on that and any assignments you have issue with and you will be home free.

    And as far as the Alabama/Florida game? I might miss the first quarter due to work, but afterwards, I want to see what will happen! It does look like the match of the week...in college, that is. The pros belong to the Baltimore-Washington Beltway this Sunday and this Marylander cannot wait to watch it happen on a national stage!

    And did you have another team in mind? If so, I'm in! Just let me know who and where!

    Respond soon...

    -Rave The Rich
    Great job with the season so far. While you look at Alabama football, I'll be paying more attention to Penn State. This might be Happy Valley's year. ^__^

    Tough luck with that cold and having to miss school and getting behind. I'm lucky to come from great stock. I only get sick once or so a year but it only lasts for a day or so. All you can do is be ready for when your number gets called, but you probably know this already.

    I'll wait on chapter 13 for sure. I feel for you as it is hard to do that, even though I've been out of high school over three years. I remember that it was taxing on me.

    And DEATH? I'll wait and see on that one.

    Later and take care!
    Eesh, sorry about not replying to this earlier. I've been on an absolute writing blitz.

    In any event, I do notice the minimized roles of the game's main males like Lucas and Brendan and wonder if they would be a lot more recurring in their status. I think it would even help game sales if they did it because you can do a much better job of connecting the characters in both! I think the idea is interesting myself. Have them just be traveling rivals or friends and see how that works!

    You know who your football story reminded me of? Matt Cassel, the starting QB for the New England Patriots. It is cheap for someone to advance like that, but you have to come through in the clutch and be ready when the time comes. Ironically, it was Drew Bledsoe about seven years ago who went down with an injury that set Tom Brady in motion.

    It's one of those sink and swim moments, for sure! Good luck with the season as always and take care!
    Buddy, just take your time. I've learned that those high school years (I speak about them like it's been a long time now, but it's only been three years) go by quickly. Enjoy them while you can and above all else, take care! Just take care and take it easy, especially with medication!

    Above all else (besides taking care of yourself) get those grades up! If you have to sacrifice other fringe activities to do it then to it and enjoy the relaxation you'll get from no varsity football!

    And now, I must go... ^__^
    Grounded? Oh, that sucks! That hasn't happened to me in over six years! But given that I'm 21...well, that really doesn't happen any more for me. Too bad.

    Good luck with that next chapter, glad to see that you got the first win under the belt for football and good luck with that Homecoming date!

    You only have 17 more days until you're off lock down. Think of it like that and take care! ^__^
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