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Lord Fighting
Last Activity:
May 4, 2020
Feb 29, 2012
Likes Received:
Slowpoke Well
Bank Ball Collector

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Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector, Male, from Slowpoke Well

Lord Fighting was last seen:
May 4, 2020
    1. Scherzando
      Well you're spoiled when it comes to O-Powers and such :P I think, with raising stats to equal 31 IVs being a pretty big deal, they're making it harder to easily level pokemon. I just got a 4-star Rare Kitchen in the plaza and you can raise levels a lot that way though.
      EV training is faster at least. With the power items, I can max out a pokemon's EVs before level 10 with regular training.

      Heavy Deino, Love Gothita, Fast Wimpod, and Luxury Tepig are done now too.
    2. FairyWitch
      I got all the 13 choices done so whenever your ready just message me to trade :3
    3. FairyWitch
      alright friend gunna start on them so just giving a heads up :3
    4. Scherzando
      lol yeah I know Blissey bases take way less time but I was fine doing everything the hard way. Now I'm not all spoiled like you :P

      Well I guess I am spoiled when it comes to the IV checker. I was breeding pokemon in 6th gen to transfer and I kept wanting to tap the bottom of the screen to see IVs D:

      As for the Aerodactyl, all I care about right now is the HA and dream ball. I know it's annoying to get good IVs when that HA female finally pops up. I'll transfer it when we get Bank and then I can breed for IVs myself since then I can just breed either gender with a Ditto and still get the ball and HA.

      I think those three are the only new ones... I'm probably wrong though :P You'll have to check my list yourself because I'm losing track of what we have planned already. oh, and if you see anything else you want, I'd also like a Love Roselia. ok with trading 6th gen for 7th gen again? :P
    5. Scherzando
      Oh alsooo... you have DWHA Aerodactyl right? I'm looking to get as many Unnerve/Taunt pokemon as I can to get through the Battle Tree :P 99% of pokemon there can be completely shut down by those.
      Since it's a 12.5% female HA, I'll trade a Heavy Deino, Love Gothita, and Fast Wimpod for one.
    6. Scherzando
      I only leveled most of my pokemon up to 50, except of course those that needed to evolve or learn a move past 50. For that, I just went around battling the AI trainers around Hoenn since you can rematch em whenever. Only took maybe an hour to do 20 levels.

      I think IV checking is the best thing they did though and I'd never trade it :P when I checked those 100+ gastlys' IVs to find the 5IVs, it took me like four hours with the guy telling me one IV at a time and having to remember them all.

      I heard someone on the forums claiming they could clone in 7th gen. Forgot who it was though.
    7. FairyWitch
      level ball mudbray
      lure ball bagon
      moon ball deino
      moon ball litwick
      heavy ball klink
      heavy ball togedemaru
      love ball komala
      love ball oranguru
      beast ball marill
      beast ball shinx
      beast ball totodile
      beast ball wishiwashi
      level ball torkoal

      those are the ones I am intreasted in on your sheet that are green
    8. Scherzando
      oh btw do you know how cloning works in 7th gen?
    9. FairyWitch
      alright just double check and I will be back later which I will check your spread document a bit later time too because its time to make dinner XD
    10. Scherzando
      Well I never used O-Powers/blissey bases anyway... and the Plaza is really helpful actually. Got tons of bottle caps, EV training, and easy money from there. Oh and of course checking IVs and EVs is waaaay better.

      I think the pokeball passing is way worth it so we can have apricorn HAs now, among other reasons.

      I just don't like that you HAVE to be in the plaza to trade instead of being able to see people online while playing normally.
    11. Scherzando
      Nahhh I much prefer gen 7 mechanics, mainly with the pokeball passing so I don't have to deal with 12.5% females nearly as much. what mechanic(s) don't you like?
    12. FairyWitch
      thanks for the trade ^_^
    13. FairyWitch
      lol its cool too much trades you arranged LOL
    14. FairyWitch
      I thought it was oshawott in beast ball?
    15. FairyWitch
      lol okie just send a request but got turned down lol
    16. FairyWitch
      boy get your butt online :p never let a lady wait XD lol jk but I am online whenever ready ^_^
    17. FairyWitch
      lol no its just in either premier or timer ball which you can just catch yourself tbh :p but I have it now for trades if people want it. anyway I can get on to trade now ^_^
    18. FairyWitch
      hey are you still available to trade? i am back on >.> I got ha sturdy togedemaru now ^_^
    19. FairyWitch
      sure thing I be on and off today ;)
    20. Dragalge
      Thank you kindly! You do as well! :)

      And you're welcome!
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    Slowpoke Well
    Bank Ball Collector
    Favourite Pokémon:
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    3411 5340 4514
    Just an average guy who likes Pokemon and comics. I also am a keen competitive battler and love to battle in any tier. Especially ubers where I ladder.

    R.I.P CT100. Some of my best times on this forum were on that thread.

    Have a complete dream ball collection and lots of apricorn balls as well. Send me a message if you have any apricorn balls I don't have. :)

    Part of an awesome clan called Guild of the Wall run by WhyBuffet. Sign up now.

    Pokemon, Marvel, Superheroes, Anime, Pokemon battles. Fighting type pokemon.



    Credit to Sworn Metalhead for the amazing banner.

    Looking to trade for apricorn and rare ball pokemon I don't have!