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Lord Fighting

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  • *Mega Latios will show you if you have Minecraft. We shall have to play together over Xbox Live.
    Mega Latios needs to continue playing EoS.
    Mega Latios says he played about 10 minutes of the game and got bored.*
    Thank you too!! (Sorry, forgot to message you personally cuz I rushed to bed. @w@)
    Haha, it happens so I get it. Me living in a completely different time zone from everyone doesn't help either, but not much I can do about that. It got figured out in the end! c:
    Sure! I don't have too much to do on Thursdays so the little bit of lost sleep won't be as bad. I'll definitely be around from 10 so I'll drop you a message then!
    That is when my times end, yes, but since my weekend is looking more busy than I expected, I could push it to 10:30?
    I know you do mister :p i got back last night, I take a look at your request now mister but you have to wait because i have a bunch of people before you ;)
    Haha, it's no worries this time! I was actually doing a bunch of other things so it wasn't so bad. If anything I was worried I'd miss your requests. @w@
    Yeah sorry, unfortunately I have company starting tonight so I'll need to stick to my actual times. Wed will definitely work tho! I'll be around from 7 PM my time again!
    Luckily I'm still here! I am already on WiFi, so if you spot me send a request! I'll keep my eyes peeled! (Can hang around for about an hour before I'll need to get to sleep, so if you see this before then just hop on and find me!)
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