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Lord Fighting

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  • Luckily I'm still here! I am already on WiFi, so if you spot me send a request! I'll keep my eyes peeled! (Can hang around for about an hour before I'll need to get to sleep, so if you see this before then just hop on and find me!)
    It's alright! It's not so much inconvenient as it is Mon is just a busy day for me. @w@
    But I am here and I have everything cloned! Pretty sure we added each other so I'll hop online! Let me know your IGN so I don't reject you if you request me. @w@
    Darn, from 6 woulda been fine but my event ran all day. >> Gonna have to change my trade times again since Saturdays seem to be more consistently clear.
    Uhh I don't usually trade on anything besides my Wed or weekends, but seeing as this is a nightmare as it is, I could maybe do the evening. I'm at work until at least 6 PM my time so wouldn't be available until 7, would that work?
    How late in the evening? I could do sometime before 10 PM maybe, but would need a specific time.
    Huh, I didn't know it does that. I use it to hide when I'm online because I come on to check messages but not trade (like with this message).
    Friend request? I rejected that ages ago. I don't add friends unless we trade a lot, which we haven't done yet. Maybe after a few more you can send me one again!
    Yeah I get that. No worries! Just didn't get a reply from you so I assumed you were gone.
    Unfortunately I have an event tonight so I can't trade tonight probably. @@
    (Not sure what you mean. Invisible mode?)
    You were here the whole time?! You didn't respond to me and I didn't see you online so I assumed you left...Bummer. Well, let me know what other time would work
    *Mega Latios says he has built a number of things, the two most notable being a Star Wars inspired spaceship and a large fortress. The spaceship was built in creative mode while the fortress is being built in survival. Mega Latios says he can show you them if you'd like.
    Mega Latios says that he used to have EoD, but hasn't for awhile. He found EoS and bought it.*
    *Mega Latios says he has continued playing Minecraft and has started playing PMD: Explorers of Sky since then*
    What kind of other HA Apricorn mons are ya looking for that you can't do yourself? Maybe I can be of service =O
    Sorry I've been away. I saw that Alatar was on Zold's Discord - are you on there too? It might be a better way to sync for trading and stuff.

    I have my game back and have bred my two mons. Is there any way that instead of the Moon Ball Oddish I could get a Lure Ball Bounsweet instead? If not it's no big deal.
    Like I said before, I don't have one because I don't have any on hand, I just offer the service to catch them. My Competitive Shinies have ball listings however.
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