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Lord Fighting

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  • Alright, I'll attach them to Samurott and three spare Meowth clones I have. I'll be back on in a sec.
    Oh good! I am finishing up my meeting, so if you are still around I can do it real quick.
    Great. Seeing that nothing worked, what exactly do you want to do? I will be around from now (about noon my time) until the evening, but cannot be up late as I have work tomorrow. After that I won't be around again until maybe Wed night.
    Alright, I need to get to sleep. Not sure we'll find time to trade so I've put a clone of Samurott up on the GTS if you wanna try and find it. It's Lv. 43, Male, and in a Moon Ball of course. I asked for a female Absol Lv, 21-30 (hopefully something from later in the game will keep it up longer). I'll check tomorrow to see what happened with it.
    H-Hello? Is that a no on the trade after all? It'll be super quick, but it's getting pretty late for me. >w>
    I had a feeling something like that happened, but luckily I could hold out. FC in yer profile okay? If so I'll be on in just a minute~
    Alrighty, I am still around and have Samurott ready, so let me know when you are around! I'll be trading it from my US DS, the FC for which is in my profile (and I am also Road in-game), let me know if the one in your profile is the one to use!
    Hmm, usually I pas out before that but I can maybe work it. I'll keep you posted! I was thinking I could GTS it but it's rare enough that I'm worried someone might take it (though I'd clone it before putting it up just in case).
    Nah! It's just a regular Pokemon besides the ball, and it wasn't that hard to get. If you really wanna send something, I enjoy nicknamed breedjects. ;3
    And I got it! Male, Adamant Samurott in a Moon Ball.
    I'll be around my tomorrow from maybe 10 AM onward (I am in Japan so GMT+9), not sure what time that is for you but if you are available I'll send him over to you!
    Got it! I'm hoping to try it out tonight (it's already Friday in Japan). I'll keep you posted on the results!
    Sure. It would be a Moon Ball Samurott since that's what appears in Island Scan, and likely Japanese as that's the game I have points in, but should be possible. I've never used Island Scan before so I'm not sure if I can encounter more than one, but if so I can try and do specific gender and nature if you'd like.
    I don't have an actual collection, I only offer the service. Like I said in my post (and in the listing in the Services part of my thread) I can catch anything legally available with specific nature and gender, ability is negotiable, but IVs are not possible.
    Hey i was battling people on my y game. Want to be my 3rd opponent? :D

    I'll need your friend code again first though i didn't save it lol
    it is, you just have to chain one in S/M... which is really difficult cause they never call for help
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