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Lord Fighting

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  • Giving you this TM was like giving charity to a rich man after seeing all this showoff of your forever-played levelled 100 pokes. I hope you would enjoy from my gift anyways
    And about the Lucario- I had bred a certain Riolu for a friend of mine, and then I got another good Riolu too [w/ Blaze Kick and Dig, Adamant nature, Steadfast ability, and 3 flawless IVs] so I was like 'Why not training this li'l perfection of mine...', and that Lucario is a consequence of this total conincidence. I wasn't even planning to train a Lucario soon anyways, and if I were I would probably give it some other eggmoves [My Blaziken's story is quite similiar to Lucario's if you noticed it]. And the difference between its two Attack stats is not that fatal; It has a sort of deduction with its ideal stab move for a physical attacker that has a greater power then the special's, and it also has an access to EQ and 2 elemental punches when is a physical attacker while a special attacker gets an access to Psychic, Darkpulse, and Dragonpulse- which not all of them are that essential to [or maybe for?] a competitive moveset. THX FOR THE ATTENTION ANYWAYS
    You shouldn't have asked that. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of my BPs so I agree to afford this Bulk Up for you for the Stone Edge's really expensive, get in the room
    The last two among them are easy to make, and the add of the 2 elemental punches to Riolu is kinda worthless if it doesn't come with a good overall of IVs, nature and so on. I'll soon restart my file on SS. If I have eventually got any BPs to spare, I'll purchase one Stone Edge for you and you'll have it for free. BUT I CAN'T GUARANTEE IT TO YOU
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