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Lord Godwin
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  • You lie.... I want the games NOW [jokes about calling you a liar there, lol]

    Yeah. This is going to sound real old but. "they don't look like Pokemon". But given the fact I said that about the gen 5 and 6 starters and the fact I love those starters now. Yeah lol. This little guys will grow on us :)

    I always choose grass. Always. So happy it's grass / flying. It better be ok at least in comp.

    I love the region. It makes Hoenn/Kalos look ... yeah. The cover legends are interesting and it's just ... really great tbh!
    Oh hay there! ^^

    I really hope we get box arts/silhouettes/Legendary information and a region name.

    However they are trolling us, so i'm keeping a rather pessimistic viewpoint :3

    How about you?

    They should be a given! :)
    We may get a wolf legendary one day!

    I would like a proper wolf Pokemon and a Whale Pokemon that's not a legend. [Wailord is nice, but too cartoony IMO]
    Sun and Moon are still a long way from being released. While I would like it if they didn't oversaturate us with leaks and spoilers. Ala ORAS. I would like some details. Like the starter silhouettes etc.
    Well I remember the XY/ORAS wait going around quickly, lol. So S/M will be here sooner than we think, lol.

    Do you think it's gen 6 or 7? Personally I prefer to think it's gen 7, and that Kalos will feature again in the future. Just not right now, lol.

    For me, tho graphically it was a huge leap forward. Kalos really took a step back compared to BW. However that's all IMO of course.

    Dark gym, dark/electric type. A credible story. Or rather. something more like BW. Legends that actually mean something to the region, a champion like Cynthia. I mean Diantha was lovely. But outside of a few cameos and the battle/rematch. We don't really get to know her like any of the previous champions.

    Erm? I just listed them I think xD

    Bring back seasons/battle subway/PWT/Black Tower/White tree hollow etc
    No problem :)

    Ahhhh, I see. Not sure if i'll be awake then. But still.

    I agree, boxart/starters would be a nice treat.
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